Heartbreak Forest

so glad I bought you. audio work became portable and that is all i need! #irigmic #irig #audio
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Ohaiiii #ootd #outfits
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We Were in Love

Created an 8 tracks account. My first mix is a collection of recent tracks I’ve come across and fallen into, headfirst.

Giant BMO plush is done so of course we made him skateboard. #BMO #beemo #diy #plush #stuffed #beemodoll #doll #pillow

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Oh my glob. #wip #embroideryhoop #crossstitch #pixel #lsp
Grocery waiting = #manga and #comics.
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Fashion Obsessions Part 2

Fashion Obsessions Part 1 «

Another obsession post so soon? That’s the thing about obsessions, I guess, they’re always THERE, lol.

First on my list: Tattoo chokers. I’m about to put in an order for the pentagram or yin yang one. Yep, you heard me, those plasticy things everyone wore back in the 90s. If you didn’t know anyone who wore this, you needed to get out more!



heroin chic eyes - I love this look, because I am so lazy about putting on my face before I go out. You’d think someone who spends so much time getting her hair color right would bother to comb it a little and put some lipstick on, but nooo. I don’t get my brows groomed, and I don’t  like thick makeup.

I’ve actually been going out with these reddish/mauve/taupe eyes and dark, thick brows for a while, no lipstick, no blush. Porcelain skin is key. Best of all, husband loves this look. Looking sick is me looking my best, go figure.



Gel Nails :I am really digging gel / uv gel nails. I spend a small fortune on amateur nail art and I’m seriously considering getting my own gel nail kit, which can run from 3 to 6k (because the UV Lamp can set you back for quite a lot of money). A gel manicure at a nail salon is about P600-800, and I don’t love their designs. The upshot is, the artwork you spent hours on stays chip-free for 2 weeks. Also, all the nail posts you see nowadays are gel nails, with the trademark smooth, thick coat and crisp lines. Negative space designs look amazing on a gel base. I’m on the fence, but I’m about to tip over to the dark side and order my own complete kit.


All Black / Monochromatic outfits  are basically my whole life because 1, I am really pale and it goes with the territory, and 2, because all black is forgiving on a lazily-put-together outfit. I do have my other crazy side of the closet (the one that contains a vest covered in french fry print, galaxy shirts, and pink leather skirts) which I am starting to ignore more and more. I’m trying to embrace monochromatic ootds, but with summer upon us, I can’t promise. lol.

The nice thing I see about the all-black outfit that is on-trend is that it is mostly made up of sheer material/fabric, so while it is a uniform colour, the silhouette is breezy and airy. Never thought I’d describe black as breezy, but there you go.


black, thin-soled chuck taylors. This photo is from my instagram, and I wore these to Hiphouse Thursday.

Lug sole + cutout + platform boots are everywhere. I want a pair!


And lastly, suede is so, so very beautiful to me right now. I’m about to trade all my leather pieces for suede, but I’m trying to restrain myself!


What are your fashion obsessions?

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Sonic Death Monkeys setting up #music #sales #davao #rooftop  (at Sa’less diner & Moozika)
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Hiphouse Thursday hits #sky #rooftop #sunset #summer #clouds #urban #hiphousethursday (at Saless Bar)