A shot with some of the peeps at last Saturday’s Halloween Gig in Durian Bar. I was really lazy about my costume lol. I made a kitty hat, and drew whiskers on my face. Voila!With Joshua, who wants me to sing for his band Dopamine Effect cos he’s starting it up again. Woot! I need a little blues and jazz in my musical life, so I said yes!
I made Migs a beard beanie. HAHAHAHA.

and my husband went as Jughead! I made that hat too!
Here I am with Gaga (yes we really call him that) who painted dio de los muertos skullies on everyone.

Brothas from othah mothas

Kitz and Sheff showed up wearing amazing costumes! I felt bad for coming in a kitty hat and eyeliner on my cheeks. LOL.

and of course there needs to be a shot with ze bandmates.
(And yes, I made that green brimmed beanie. I think I probably made EVERYBODY’s hats at that gig! I love you supportive friends! Lol)

and some shots of us playing:

Mahahaha that was fun!
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