I just put in an order for white creepers from Asian Vogue, woot. I’m probably late to the trend, but I never wanted them for the trend anyway. I want them because I genuinely think they’re awesome, and they are so me. I’ve always dressed my own way despite what everyone else is following, and I think creepers are a classic that I need in my wardrobe because they complement my edgy androgynous style so perfectly. Seto Ayumi: she’s doin’ it right.
I settled for the Asian Vogue / a.k.a Lovely Shoes versions because because I’m too cheap to buy the legit TUK, Getta Grip, or Demonia ones ($200 UP). Also, I hear the real ones are really heavy, so I’m content with my aegyo-infused Asian versions. I think they’re arriving later on this month, so I’m excited. But you see, the trouble with ordering online is, they take so long to arrive, you find OTHER shoes that you want to cheat on your order with.
Such as these Prada-inspired flatforms that I saw in Primadonna:They were probably sourced from Lovely Shoes too, but for less (P1300) than the Asian Vogue price (P2400), hey, I ain’t complaining. A lot of people own this style variant, but I don’t mind. It’s an awesome design and I can’t stop other people from appreciating it too! If I ever muster up the shopping mojo to blow more than 2k on shoes a month, maybe I’ll come back for these pretty ladies. (Actually, I just bought some new ankle boots so I think I actually went over my 2k limit… *points fingers together*)I am also obsessed with Tokyo Boppers, which I also saw in Primadonna.
I’ve been told time and again that I have a Harajuku/Shibuya street style sense of fashion (requirement: immune to embarrassment when wearing harem pants and rainbow hair in public), so in addition to white creepers it’s normal for me to find tokyo boppers (a.k.a flatform ballerinas) completely adorable:Actually, just give me everything the lovely girl on the left is wearing in the photo below - she’s a genius.

I saw the black and peach versions in Primadonna, so I tried them on, and then said to the saleslady: “Your store hurts my heart.”If not tokyo boppers, I like these oxfords, which seem to be everywhere. Well, actually, oxfords are everywhere, but I like the flatform versions. They have so much character! Honestly, if everyone wore flatforms instead of heels we’d have a lot less cranky women. lol.I’ll always love my Doc Martens first and foremost, but these flatform boots are tugging at my soul:

What flatforms/creepers do you love? :)
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