DIY MUSTACHE RINGToday’s DIY is how to make a simple shape out of recycled shrink plastic and turn it into funky jewelry with a few jewelry findings. In this case, a mustache ring!You will need: Recycled # 6 shrink plastic. I used the flat lid from the takeout container from Shakey’s Buffalo Wings. Make sure that it has a triangle containing the number 6. Otherwise, it won’t shrink and you run the risk of having a hot mess all over your toaster when you bake it. Only flat surfaces will work. If the plastic has ridges, they will show when they shrink.You will also need jewelry findings. If you want to make a ring, have blank ring bases. I bought mine on Ebay. If you want to make a necklace, some chain. Earrings - earring hooks. You get the idea. If you’re going to hang the shape you’re creating, such as on a chain or hook, you will need a single hole puncher.I also used some Diamond Glaze (optional) and a marker (necessary).Not in photo are scissors and a bottle of black nail polish.First I printed out my mustache template so I could trace it onto the shrink plastic. You can freehand it if you’re confident about the proportions and symmetry of your drawing. The printout doesn’t have to be perfect - just use the rough draft print setting.Place your shrink plastic on top of the template. 
Trace out the figure, and cut it out with a pair of scissors.Un-shrunk shrink plastic is normally soft and thin, so when you cut it with scissors the edge where you cut can run farther than you want it to and ruin your design when you’re rounding a curve. So, cut slowly and carefully.At this point you should stop and decide if you want to make a necklace or earring out of your cut-out because you will need to punch a hole wherever you will attach a chain or hook. In my case, I’m making a ring so I didn’t punch any holes.Here’s the fun part: Baking!Place your cut out on some aluminum foil. Preheat your toaster oven.
In your preheated oven, place the cutout in its aluminum foil and wait for it to shrink. It usually takes only 15-30 seconds for it to curl up, flatten out, and revert to its original shape (except now it’s a lot smaller).
When you feel that it’s flattened out completely, turn off the oven and wait 10 seconds before taking the shrinky dink out of the oven. This is so no one kills themselves or loses a finger because of my DIY. -_-Quickly remove the foil and shrinky dink and place it on a flat surface (like a kitchen table. Place another square of aluminum foil on top of it, put a heavy book on it like a sandwich, and press. This helps ensure that the product hardens flat. Remove the book after 5 seconds, and voila:I know, it doesn’t look like much, so using an old nail file, file away at any rough bits until you feel that it’s smooth and ready to be painted over.After filing I used a pretty black nail polish with pink glitter to cover the mustache shape. Wait for it to dry completely.You don’t have to do this last step, but I put a layer of Diamond Glaze on top of the dried shrinky dink so that it would look more smooth and finished. You need to wait 12 hours for Diamond Glaze to set.
When it’s all dry, attach the shrinky dink to your jewelry finding of choice. In this case, a ring blank. I used some very strong glue.And for the final step:Wear your mustache ring and smile mysteriously when asked where you bought it!
p.s. that other green ring I’m wearing is also a DIY. One of my earrings fell apart, so I glued it onto a blank ring base. The possibilities are endless with shrink plastic and jewelry findings - just use your imagination!Happy DIY-ing! <3

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