Another Spiffy Header Thing (Photoshop: 1, Creativity: 0) because I’m endorsing this idea that I’m consistent, heh.This look  is on lookbook too :)
I am looking off into the distance because cats.I am loving my new ankle boots because at a heel height of around 2.5 inches, they’re extremely comfortable and the front part has a rubberized sole similar to my Doc Martens, thus ensuring that I shall not inadvertently slip and break my neck. Important.
Of course, it did nothing for my spatial reasoning, as demonstrated by this framing fail.I paired the ankle boots with this white mixed print shirt that I had lying in the back of my closet. I found it at an Ayala sale during my last Cebu trip. If indecisive about wearing leopard, checks, or cheetah print, wear all of them at once. This opinion is endorsed by Vogue (ok, not really).I’m also enjoying the slimming effect these jeans have because of the uniquely positioned acid wash, in which the bleached part runs in a vertical line down the leg. I know all the gurus say, “wear pinstripes, wear one color” in order to look slimmer, but darnit I don’t want to wear pinstripes, lol. Well, jeans with vertical details like this one seem to have the same effect, if not as drastic.Since my hair is still purple, I’m still wearing my yellow slouchy hat a lot, following the principles I wrote about in Your Dyed Hair and The Color Wheel.<3More outfit posts here, DIY posts here, hair posts here.Check out the sidebar for other links, personal journaley stuff on the left, informal bloggery stuff on the right.
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