Outfit Post : HipHouse | Sunday Graphic Sunday

Just a quick post about the outfit I wore. I felt weird including details about my outfit on the Hiphouse entry, lol!

Doc Martens, Butthole Surfers/STP Graphic Tee, thrifted plaid skirt, yellow slouchie, DIY ribcage necklace

I was going for a 90’s vibe. <3

When The Boy and I got to the empty loft we usually use for HipHouse events, it was closed because Bagsy had the key and he was still on his way.

So we took refuge in Benito’s Cafe in Legaspi Suites while waiting for him, which has the best fucking chocolate smoothie in the entire universe. And sandwiches. Seriously, order their Bittersweet Chocolate Smoothie. Made of dark chocolate. It. is. DIVINE.

You need it in your life. (not in your healthy diet, but in your LIFE, ok)

Also I like it there because there’s a tab to surf in for orders above PhP300.

The Boy did not expect his sandwich to take up an entire plate. I had to help him finish it. It was easy to for me to help him. Cos I have a kind, giving, sweet, soul.

There are also books donated by members of a Book Club that frequents this Cafe. In the books you see little notes like “Please take care of this book. I really loved it when it belonged to me. Hope you enjoy it!”.

It made reading the copy of Como Agua Para Tsokolate that much more enjoyable when I took it off the Benito Cafe shelf.

Also, their decor is my sort of awesome.

"Don’t English Me, I’m PANIC!"

So that’s it for my short outfit post and why I love that little-known coffee shop in Legaspi Suites. The Boy and I used to have breakfast there (when we’re not in Selera) when he was still staying in this hotel to visit me when he flew in from Cebu. The staff already know us but they’re genuinely nice people so you’ll never feel awkward or out of place. Just comfortable, surrounded by books, wi-fi, and delicious food.

Chocolates Make You Smarter (true story),

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