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Today Through Photos and Gifs

Had a meeting with @tineserrano, @cheekiealbay, and @theaidxparedes today at Zabadani in Gaisano Mall’s The Peak. Cheekie, Tine and I agreed to be editorial consultants for a new online magazine called Lieu.

Basically as senior consultants (Cheekie is a writer at Cosmopolitan, Tine is a writer at Manila Bulletin and a styling consultant) we provide guidance regarding publishing policies and events production. Initially Lieu asked if we could be their Editors in Chief, but our busy schedules simply can’t accommodate it. Instead, we’ve become godmothers to  Lieu’s team, as they are still finding their footing.

But, none of my photos captured the boring stuff, just a few silly moments caught by my new gif-making app. Lol.


Srs Bsns is Srs


Afterwards, this piece of heaven hiding in the grocery level chaos

Tine and Aidx goofing around

Me complaining that my kneehighs keep rolling down my thigh lol

Fashionable tootsies headed elsewhere.

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