I am normally not a fan of the color magenta, or hot pink. I think it’s a bit too cloying for my taste, if you can attribute an olfactory quality to a color.
But if its a nail foil color, it is absolutely beautiful. The shine and gleam is incomparable when you use nail foils, and I will probably find it hard to go back to plain old nail polish because of them.
Above is a photo of my right hand with a deep magenta foil from Onestop Kikay Shop. 
Here’s a photo of my left hand. Pls to excuse my weirdly angular fingers lol.

Nail foils are available from this awesome seller at Onestop Kikay Shop on Facebook.

My favorite part about this particular seller is that she accepts PayPal. Yes! *nail-foiled ladylike fist pump*
In my book, any seller that accepts PayPal is a great find, and they’re totally ahead of their less technologically savvy counterparts in that aspect.
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