Who needs flowers when you can have lightning boltzes!

from left to right,
1. Matte topcoat ( I bought mine from Awesome Nails on Facebook because this lovely woman accepts Paypal! Huzzah!)
2. Two-way nail art pens in 3 colors of your choice (mine were black, yellow and orange, also from Awesome Nails as she sells them at a much cheaper price than other sellers!)
3. Regular topcoat (I use Revlon’s Colorstay “Always on” Sealant. I kid you not, this top coat kept my toe pedicure chip-free for like, more than a week and it came off only because I removed it. It’s ridiculous, they must make this stuff from like, car paint or something)

1.With your first nail art pen color, draw a black squiggle resembling a lightning bolt somewhere around your nail. Keep in mind you will fill in the left side, so you need to make room for both the yellow and orange colors. Don’t put it in the exact center or else the two remaining colors will get cramped.

Here’s a closeup. Two angular points are enough to get it to look like a lightning bolt.
Just think of it as a Z with the ends having long tails.

2. Draw the yellow outline of the lightning bolt with the yellow nail art pen.

3. Fill in.

4. Fill in the black side with a regular nail polish brush, not your nail art pen. This is to save you the trouble of having to fill all that space with a tiny little pen tip. If you use the nail art pen to fill a large area, the polish tends to thicken and clump. So I prefer to get the bulk of it done with a regular brush from a polish of the same color.

5. Fill in the remaining small gaps with the black nail art pen.

6. Repeat the above steps but with the orange nail art pen, to finish off the remaining blank space.

7. Put a regular top coat on.

You can always stop at this step if you like your nails shiny, like my sister. She abhors matte nails.
I wanted the dullness of matte nails on this look however, so that the colors could stand out. So I used the matte topcoat I recently ordered from Awesome Nails.
Pritteh. Next to my pink and teal zebra print nails, this is probably my 2nd favorite mani.

Pretty rad, if I do say so myself! <3

Happy Manis!
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