So I’ve been meaning to get around to posting this but I forgot the folder I put these pics in lol. Anyway, I wanted a ring organizer so I totally Googled some ideas… but most of them require some sort of surface to put them on, like a table or a mantle, and since we just moved in to our new house we’re short on surfaces. And I don’t want to purchase a table just to prop my rings up on it!
(In case you’d rather have a ring organizer that needs to be propped up on a surface, here are some good ones:
BOX + FOAM RING ORGANIZER | Anneorshine on Youtube)
I love the 3rd idea the most, but I wanted a ring organizer I could hang somewhere, saving space. At the same time, I wanted it to be able to display my rings enough so that I could glance at it and immediately pick out which one I wanted to wear for the day.
Another requirement is that it should be able to accommodate more and more rings as time goes by. Because seriously, I kind of have an accessory addiction…

Heh. So back to the ring organizer.
I made two versions.

DONE! Okay, that’s the lazy version. Easy to make, but the rings clump up at the bottom, and you have to remove some rings to get to the one you want.
Here’s the less lazy version:

(Instead of threading rings through, hang the chain to a rod or hook first)

Repeat for each ring. Since the curtain rings I got were pretty big, I could fit in 2 rings comfortably for each curtain ring if I wanted to. But since curtain rings are cheap, I can just buy a pack of curtain rings and lengthen my chain if I have more rings to organize.

So there you have it, today’s DIY tutorial!

Happy DIY-ing!
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