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Today’s DIY is something of an itch scratched. I like harem pants, but why the heck do stores insist on selling them in so many weird patterns and colors when let’s face it, all everybody wants is a plain black pair that they can use with every single tank ever?!
I certainly did. And I couldn’t find a plain black one anywhere! So frustrating. So I thought I’d make my own and it was a success.
Just to clarify, there are a LOT of variations on the haerm pants trend. You have normal tapered trousers with slightly bulgy pockets calling themselves harem pants. You have full-on mc hammer pants too. The kind I wanted to make fall in the middle, looking sort of like this:

or this:

Or these Alexander McQueen ones:
But I think the pants I made are most similar to these Rick Owens Lilies:
as you can see, the crotch is low, the fit is tight across the ankles/calves.
I’m pretty sure I’ll outgrow this fashion phase, but in the meantime, I’m putting my DIY skills to the test! This is also my first project using my mom’s old Elna Lotus SP, a portable sewing machine.

This machine is awesome, it’s lightweight and has a nifty control box so you don’t need to use your feet. I think it’s older than I am. Mom gave it to me because she said I would have more fun with it!

Without much further ado here’s the diagram that I (LOL) so masterfully drew:

I used matte black jersey that I found during my Manila trip. I bought a whole yard that was as tall as my waist to my ankle because that’s how long I want my pants to be. It’s so I can just pull them up if I want them to be shorter, like with leggings.
If you only want your pants to reach like, slightly below your knees (like some pants are), you can buy less cloth.
So anyway, fold the cloth so that when you cut the pattern you make two pieces.

I hope the above diagram makes sense? Heh. 
Just measure the front of your waist. So that’s half your waist size. That’s A.
Then measure your calf/leg/ankle and half of that is B.
Then mark a sort of ballooning shape connecting A and B!
You decide how low you want the crotch. I made mine pretty low so the harem look would show.
Then cut it all out. I pinned mine first so it wouldn’t come apart.

Finally sew all along the pattern except at the waist and leg openings! Easy peasy.
Here’s a photo of my pants wrong side out that I just finished sewing. I used white underthread so you guys could see where I sewed. It’s still black thread outside though.

Then turn it inside out and voila, you’ve got your harem pants! Awesome!

I didn’t want cuffs or garters or seams on my pants because I didn’t want any bumps when I wore them underneath very sheer or thin tank tops (which was the reason I wanted to make harem pants). So I’m fine with the unfinished edges.
However, some sewing die-hards don’t like the unfinished look, so my suggestion is to search for videos on youtube on how to attach waistbands/cuffs to leggings. The cuffs are just small cylinders made out of the same material as your pants that you sew onto the pants. There are a ton of tutorials!
Here are some photos of me trying out my new pants:


I pulled up my shirt so you can see how high up the waist I made it. I intentionally did that so I can make it look different depending on how low or high I wear it!
(this photo is not awkward at all, lol)

I can pull up my pant legs if I want, like so:

[June 29, 2012 EDIT] I dug these DIY harem pants out of my closet so I could take photos with my new DIY Denim Vest! <3

DIY DENIM VEST (out of an old jacket) TUTORIAL here.
I’m really pleased with how they turned out! :)
Happy DIY-ing!
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