Combined outfit and nail of the day post -
Loose grey tunic, Next | White crosshatch Harem Pants, Bellisima Shop  
Skull water decals on gold nails.
Transparent decals, Onestop Kikayshop | Nail Polish, Live On Stage, L.A. Girls Rockstar Lacquer. This seller is my go-to lady for everything involving nails. She’s lovely. Very accommodating and loves to give free gifts to loyal customers!

I didn’t take too many photos of my outfit, because when I woke up I threw some clothes on, took a couple snapshots and rushed out the door to get to church early because I led worship. Praise and Worship is easily my favorite part of the church service. I am more easily able to connect to God through music. It’s one of the most beautiful ways to know Him.
After dinner my husband took a shot of me at the parking lot. Today was humid, ridiculously so. I will be glad for some rain!
White crosshatched harem pants from Bellisima Shop. Seriously, I love this seller. She is the nicest person you will ever meet. If you’re reading this, Ana, thank you!
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