NOTD: Black and White Nail Stamping Manicure (XL Image Plate)

Brought out my trusty XL nail stamping plate which I bought almost 2 years ago to do these nails. It’s a giant image plate, about the size of a large book, with 42 engraved images. They’re Mehndi designs, so they’re really pretty and intricate. The plate itself is called the C Plate in an alphabetical series. Pretty good buy, because it still looks brand new and works just as well as it did when I first bought it. First impressions blog post here.




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Tribal nails today. Such underlit. Wow. #notd #stamping #xlplate #mani #nails #shortnails
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clear to black ombre with holo stripe glitter #holographic #ombre #black #nails #notd #glitter #blacknails
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NOTD: Holo Glitter


I did this mani a few weeks back. I wanted to try glitter placement nails, but obviously my stubby guitar-playing fingers have far less nail real estate than I would like. Still, glitter is fun. And oh so sparkly!

Stuff I used:

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How much does my husband love me? Enough to use him as a nail art guinea pig! Hahaha. #notd #adventuretime
Skull decals and my less than stellar digits #nails #nail #nailart #skull #skulls
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Adorable nail polish haul #nail polish #cute #colorful #nailart #nails
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Green ombre nailzorsss #nails #ombre #green
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My next tutorial is for geometric foil nails! <3
Getting a mani pedi cos my comic book nails’re getting shabby and i bit the design off one nail #nails #manicure
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Teal Outline Nails


Check out my Black Outlined Teal Nails!
Now, seeing as I have stubby guitar playing sausages instead of real fingers, I don’t always get a chance to experiment with nail designs.

Seeing as I barely have any nail real estate lol, I usually stick with simple designs that don’t take forever to do (also because I’ll probably ruin them the next day at band prax anyway).

This one seemed like an easy design to do for short nails so I took pics!



You’ll need
1 bright color (some tealy color from LA Disco Brites)
1 opaque black polish (Caronia)
1 opaque black striper (Sassy)
1 clear top coat (Revlon)


Cover entire nail in black polish:

Wait for black polish to dry completely before applying 2nd color.

Don’t worry if it looks like crud, you can fix it with the next coat. The trick is to leave a black outline all around. If you mess up, you can fix it with the striper. Look, mine doesn’t look all that great either :|

2nd coat looks much better!

Of course, since I am ME, that means a bit of a mess. Fixed it with a black striper to make the outline neater.

Finish off with top coat so your kyot nails don’t get ruined!
Then go watch Community/Girls/Supernatural/Sherlock/Fringe. Do it. DO. IT.

Lates! Jad

Strawberry nails that I did and kept for 2 minutes. I then removed them because the nubbly little beads were freaking me out. I don’t know how other people stand them. It’s like seeing tiny little eggs on your nails YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII