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Pixel Mario + Knit Stitch in Crochet?!

So I’ve been really determined to figure out a BETTER way to put designs on crocheted objects, sort of like knitting, but with a crochet hook.

Well, I freaking figured it out. My first attempt is with a pixel Mario - I graphed him and mathematically translated him into stitches. He’s a little wonky, but it’s my first try, k.

I also used the hook differently, sort of like a knitting hybrid. Some countries call this the afghan or knit stitch. I’m sure somewhere out there there’s a blanket with like, the whole gamer saga on it, but I’m pretty proud of just this humble little crocheted rectangle.

I feel like such a nerd for doing this, but I couldn’t sleep until I managed to get that pixel into the real world and out of my brain!