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Anonymous asked: what is your hair color?

There are several colors in my hair. The top layer is Lagoon Blue. The bottom is Cerise.

Anonymous asked: Hello, my hair turned out orange-ish after I bleached it and I want to dye it red (like Yeng, Hayley and Rihanna) should I wait a few months and bleach it again before dyeing or should I just dye it red now? (Also, it's been a week since I bleached it). Thanks. :)

Hello. Depending on how red you want it, your orange base will affect your final dye result. If your base hair is leaning more towards brown than orange, it’s not light enough. If it’s bright orange or yellow, it could work and you can try putting on the red dye. Also if rebleaching you need to deep condition for 2-3 weeks first before bleaching again. And deep condition/do treatments after. A salon keratin treatment would be ideal.

Anonymous asked: are you naturally fair? whats your skin regime?

I am naturally fair. My skin type is very pale with a tendency towards a yellow pallor, and I don’t wear makeup a lot because I have sensitive, dry and flaky skin. Skin regime mostly consists of wearing nothing when I’m at home and wearing this when I go out:

1 Moisturizing (The Face Shop Clean Face Mild Lotion)
2 BB Cream (SKIN79 Super Plus Triple Functions BB Vital Cream)

and once every 2 or 3 months, a dermarolling session (by myself) because I get persistent dark marks from passing / occasional acne. I use Vitamin C serum (anything I can get online) and numbing cream (Deep Numb) when doing my dermaroll sessions.

Anonymous asked: Hi Jad, Do you have a 9 to 5 work? Or are you a freelancer? :)

Freelance with full-time clients :)

g-ghosty asked: has anybody told you that you look like???? ellen page??? but with better hair

Haha yes! My husband says I look like a cross between Ellen Page and a tulip

Anonymous asked: as it was start of last year i dyed it red at a salon, so i dont really remember, its been a long time. but the end result was a mahogany red, so it wasnt a vibrant colour at all. so i dont believe the fading technique would work

So your hair wasn’t bleached at all before you dyed it red?

If your hair is virgin underneath that red dye, you need to bleach to at least a brassy blonde for the dye to take. I suggest using a blue dye after bleaching if your base is yellow. Blue dyes will not work on a brown base, so if it’s still something close to that, your hair needs to be lighter.

Anonymous asked: Hey! I have a hair dying question :) so I have asian black hair and I am wanting to dip dye it a seaweed green colour. The problem is that I dyed my hair a reddish colour (its faded to a dark brown). How would I approach this to achieve the colour that I want? Thanks!

how light did you bleach your hair before you dyed it red? If your hair was bleached blonde before all the dyeing, you can try fading your hair a lot before redying or bleaching again. I have a fading tutorial here:

Once your hair has been faded enough, judge the base color. If the base is reddish, putting on a blue dye over it will turn it purple. I would do a bleach bath until I am back to a moderately neutral blonde before dyeing blue over it. Dyeing a true blue over a brassy base will turn it a seaweedy green color. Take note the outcome will depend on

1. how bleached your hair was in the first place
2. how the base turns out after considerable fading.

Anonymous asked: your blog has answered so many hair questions - thank you! Just a few about bleaching; how do you put the bleach on when bleaching your hair? (like do you start with the tips or?) Also, I have virgin middle-dark brown hair and I want to bleach it to a very light blonde or possibly white (I'm going for directions turquoise & many lagoon blue) how do you think I should go around bleaching it (like once then leave a day and use silverising shampoo and then bleach again or?) and how many times?


how do you put the bleach on when bleaching your hair? (like do you start with the tips or?

I brush the bleach on with a flat tinting brush. I start at the area I want to be lightest when I finish doing my whole head. If you start at the scalp, that will be the most bleached when you finish. Myself, I like to start at the bottom or midlengths or my bangs first (because I see those as the areas where I want the most vibrant colors to go on).

Also, I have virgin middle-dark brown hair and I want to bleach it to a very light blonde or possibly white (I’m going for directions turquoise & many lagoon blue) how do you think I should go around bleaching it (like once then leave a day and use silverising shampoo and then bleach again or?)

Since my natural hair is jet black and I’m asian, the way our hair reacts will be quite different and I wouldn’t recommend bleaching yours as many times as mine. I bleach my hair a total of about 4-5 times over the course of a year. That means I wait 2-3 months between each bleaching session, with lots of deep-conditioning and keratin treatments (at a salon) in between. If you’re already middle brown to start with you may only need 1-2 bleachings.

I would say  bleach your middle brown hair full strength (40 vol or 12% developer + bleach powder, 40 mins) if you’re doing it for the first time. If your hair is a brassy blonde after, try a silver shampoo for a couple of weeks.

Then  for the second bleaching session make sure your hair can still handle it and do a bleach bath (full strength bleach mix + water + shampoo mixed to make a diluted bleach bath) or a middle-strength bleach (20 vol or 6% developer + bleach powder, 40 mins)

I would repeat this process above until I got the results I wanted, making sure to space out bleachings very far apart. I wouldn’t recommend doing bleachings one after the other and only waiting a day in between. That would fry your hair.

I recommend you soak your hair in virgin coconut oil for 2 hours before each bleaching session, don’t rinse, and bleach right over the oil. This seems to minimize damage.

When I get my hair as light as I want it is usually very dry and not pretty because no matter how many precautions I take bleach does a lot of damage. So afterwards I go to a salon and get a keratin treatment to bring it back to normal.

Anonymous asked: where did you buy the string that you used for your diy choker?

It’s colored stretchy nylon from the textiles department or school supplies department.

thehealerandthedestroyer asked: One last thing, do u remember what conditioner you put in, and how much ? Thanks !

the conditioner doesn’t matter, but I used Pantene Damage repair. I use about 1 cup conditioner for my whole head, and I add dye gradually, a teaspoon at a time to make sure the mixing doesn’t become hard to fix later. Think of it as similar to mixing food coloring or watercolors. The base color of your hair matters too. Hair dyes act like a stain, so the base shows through or mixes with whatever you put on top of it.

thehealerandthedestroyer asked: For ur turquoise diy, you said u mixed blue with turquoise, wouldnt that make it super super blue ? Also what blue did u mix in with the turquoise, what brand? It came out so perfectly, i want to do it just like yours, so thank you! Answer privately please?

You have to wing it based on your base color. A turquoise dye is made up of a mixture of blue and green dye. If you put that blue and green mixture on yellow hair, you will get teal hair (more green than blue). If you put that blue and green mixture on perfectly white hair, you will get a perfect turquoise.

Since my hair was not perfectly white, I added more blue to the mix. I use Lariche Directions dyes (lagoon blue and turquoise)

imtwentyandjonesingforeverything asked: Hi i love your hair and nailart <3 what haircolor brand do u use? :3

Hello! Thanks! :) I use La Riche Directions. I used to use a japanese brand called Prosil for a while, but that was a permanent dye and I prefer semi-permanent.

Anonymous asked: Hi Jad, are you married? :D

Hello, yes. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi. Ako yung nagtanong regarding blue hair. Hmmm your tutorial rocks, thanks btw :) Hmmm Any tips kung paano aalagaan yung blue hair? Madali din pati kasi siya mag-fade. Thanks in advance :)

Hello again!

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on hair science or material science, so I will only try to answer from experience and what works for me. I can tell you what I do but I can’t guarantee it will get you the same results. :)

I have pastel blue, pink and purple hair right now and yes, it does fade right away. When I have blue hair and I want to keep it more or less the same I:

1. keep a little bit of the dye I used when I first dyed my hair blue
2. Mix it with a lot of conditioner (1-2 teaspoons + 1-2 cups conditioner)
3. I use this diluted blue mix every time I wash / wet my hair (like a color top-up to replace the blue runoff when you take a shower)
4. I do not use hot water. I try to use very cold water because hot water opens up the hair follicle and causes color molecules to fall out of your hair cortex.
5. I only wash my hair every other day or every 2 days.
6. I try to avoid harsh shampoos and if I absolutely have to I use a no-sulfate shampoo (or a no-sodium chloride shampoo for maintaining my salon keratin treatment).
7. Right now I shampoo only when my scalp feels greasy which tends to be every 3-4 days. Or if I come home from a gig and my hair smells gross.
8. I do not flat iron, put hairspray, hair wax, hair gel or too much product in my hair because that will make me want to wash it.

p.s. take note that topping up your color when you condition during showering can cause a little bit of color buildup and it’s very noticeable if you have pastel hair. If you notice your hair getting a little darker or dull then don’t top up your color on your next shower. This is less of a problem if your hair color is a vibrant or dark color and not pastel.

also, all hair dye fades eventually, so this method will only keep the color there for a little longer than if you didn’t do all these precautions. HTH.

helpful articles:

Anonymous asked: Hi. Tatanong ko lang sana kung anong magandang gawin para ma-achieve yung blue hair. Dating pinkish red yung buhok ko, after nun kinulayan ko siya ng black (yung tig 20 pesos sa tabi-tabi). Ayun tapos now, yung white hair dye na nabili ko, ginamit ko siya tapos after nun, parang naging brownish yung buhok ko. Ano kayang magandang gawin to achieve blue hair? Kahit dark blue lang sana :( ibleach ko ba siya ulit? Hmmmmmmmmm :(

Hello, you can achieve a dark blue color on a semi bleached base if:

1. Since you dyed your hair black you should fade or pull out that color before dyeing again. I have a tutorial on fading hair, you may need to do it several times over the course of a few weeks. Do not double process. If you do the fading, wait a week or two before doing another damaging process that involves bleach, semi permanent dye or peroxide. Be careful with peroxide and deep condition like crazy after because your hair will become dry from the clarifying shampoo.

2. Use a dark, pigmented, and forgiving blue dye. The ones with good reviews are SFX Blue Velvet,  Directions Midnight Blue, Directions Neon Blue, Pravana Blue, etc. Read reviews and figure out which colors are best for your current base:

3. If your hair can take some more bleaching, the blue will show up better. If it can’t, don’t because dark blue is better than light blue but yucky fried hair. :)