Anonymous → Hi Jad, are you married? :D

Hello, yes. :)

Anonymous → Hi. Ako yung nagtanong regarding blue hair. Hmmm your tutorial rocks, thanks btw :) Hmmm Any tips kung paano aalagaan yung blue hair? Madali din pati kasi siya mag-fade. Thanks in advance :)

Hello again!

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on hair science or material science, so I will only try to answer from experience and what works for me. I can tell you what I do but I can’t guarantee it will get you the same results. :)

I have pastel blue, pink and purple hair right now and yes, it does fade right away. When I have blue hair and I want to keep it more or less the same I:

1. keep a little bit of the dye I used when I first dyed my hair blue
2. Mix it with a lot of conditioner (1-2 teaspoons + 1-2 cups conditioner)
3. I use this diluted blue mix every time I wash / wet my hair (like a color top-up to replace the blue runoff when you take a shower)
4. I do not use hot water. I try to use very cold water because hot water opens up the hair follicle and causes color molecules to fall out of your hair cortex.
5. I only wash my hair every other day or every 2 days.
6. I try to avoid harsh shampoos and if I absolutely have to I use a no-sulfate shampoo (or a no-sodium chloride shampoo for maintaining my salon keratin treatment).
7. Right now I shampoo only when my scalp feels greasy which tends to be every 3-4 days. Or if I come home from a gig and my hair smells gross.
8. I do not flat iron, put hairspray, hair wax, hair gel or too much product in my hair because that will make me want to wash it.

p.s. take note that topping up your color when you condition during showering can cause a little bit of color buildup and it’s very noticeable if you have pastel hair. If you notice your hair getting a little darker or dull then don’t top up your color on your next shower. This is less of a problem if your hair color is a vibrant or dark color and not pastel.

also, all hair dye fades eventually, so this method will only keep the color there for a little longer than if you didn’t do all these precautions. HTH.

helpful articles:

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Anonymous → Hi. Tatanong ko lang sana kung anong magandang gawin para ma-achieve yung blue hair. Dating pinkish red yung buhok ko, after nun kinulayan ko siya ng black (yung tig 20 pesos sa tabi-tabi). Ayun tapos now, yung white hair dye na nabili ko, ginamit ko siya tapos after nun, parang naging brownish yung buhok ko. Ano kayang magandang gawin to achieve blue hair? Kahit dark blue lang sana :( ibleach ko ba siya ulit? Hmmmmmmmmm :(

Hello, you can achieve a dark blue color on a semi bleached base if:

1. Since you dyed your hair black you should fade or pull out that color before dyeing again. I have a tutorial on fading hair, you may need to do it several times over the course of a few weeks. Do not double process. If you do the fading, wait a week or two before doing another damaging process that involves bleach, semi permanent dye or peroxide. Be careful with peroxide and deep condition like crazy after because your hair will become dry from the clarifying shampoo.

2. Use a dark, pigmented, and forgiving blue dye. The ones with good reviews are SFX Blue Velvet,  Directions Midnight Blue, Directions Neon Blue, Pravana Blue, etc. Read reviews and figure out which colors are best for your current base:

3. If your hair can take some more bleaching, the blue will show up better. If it can’t, don’t because dark blue is better than light blue but yucky fried hair. :)

cmb9139 → Hi! Love your cookie Monster hat!! :)

Hi! Thank you! Heehee. :D

Anonymous → hi ate jad!! i love ur music and ur poems. I first heard ur poems at kanto bar during taboan. anyway I wanted to ask how u colored ur hair blue green? I do the coloring of my own hair kasi and I cant find a blue green color. I was wondering if u mixed some colors to get the blue green color? :) hihihi. thank yooouuu

Harro! :) Thank you!

To get a blue green color you just need to put on a true blue dye over bleached blonde hair. It has to be light, bleached and blonde. An orange base won’t work, a brown base won’t work. Dyes act like a stain, or like watercolors when mixed together. So blue dye on a blonde base will create a blue green color. Sometimes my base is too yellow and I get a green, so I redye with a layer of diluted blue to make that color lean towards the cooler spectrum. However, blue-green is a hard color to maintain, you will need to touch up every few showers as the blue will wash off and you will keep ending up with a green. HTH!

(I use Directions lagoon blue diluted with conditioner. I also dye several times using very diluted formulations to get the final color that I want.)

Also, if your base is white, you can mix alpine green and lagoon blue, but if it was me I would totally just use Directions Turquoise. I haven’t though, since I only bleach to a blonde and never to a white.

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Anonymous → huhu your hair is so awesome ;;A;; the first one looks so sarimanok, it's almost magical :))

thank you haha! :D <3

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Anonymous → Hey-o, Jad! My hair needs some protein-loving rn and I'm kind of lost when it comes to protein treatments. LOL. Any good treatments (as in like a deep conditioner or something, not in a salon) :))) Thankies! <3


Virgin coconut oil does NOT deposit protein, but if your hair needs some moisturizing VCO is the way to go! :) I use it before I bleach, for deep conditioning and pretty much when I feel that my hair needs some strength. Let it soak in your hair for a couple of hours or all night if you can stand it. Protein treatments like mayo, or keratin masks CAN make your hair dry, but that goes away when you condition again with a regular conditioner. Take note using natural oils can strip hair of color.

Myself, I mix virgin coconut oil with my conditioner so it’s not so slippery and leave it in my hair for about 2 hours. I do that when my hair starts feeling dry.

More info:;topicseen#msg44923

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Anonymous → Your hair is just too cute!

Whee, thank you! :D

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Anonymous → Hi, Jad! Thanks for the advice, really! I've been religiously deep conditioning it this week (using some L'oreal product with an incredibly long name, and a homemade avocado mask) + putting VCO before I wash it, and hooray! My hair's a lil better. Anyway, just wanted to ask what conditioner would you recommend. Would something with silicone be super harmful? Thanks! :-)

Heya! Glad to hear your hair’s feeling better! :) A lot of people say really good things about virgin coconut oil for dyed/bleached/damaged hair, so you’re on the right track. Hair Heroes from Snoe is my go-to conditioner when I’m being neurotic about zero harmful ingredients, but when I’m less inclined to be fussy I just use the regular pantene damage repair (full of cones, I know) conditioner.  But there are totally cone-free shampoos/conditioners in watson’s. :)

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Anonymous → I'm not a fan of Disney's "Frozen" so when people mention "Let It Go," your band's song, not Frozen's, comes to mind. Lelz. Is a new EP in the works?

hahaha you made my day! :3 Yeah we totally have 8 songs in the works and we’re looking forward to letting people in on the behind-the-scenes stuff, like how we write the songs and arrange them, podcasts, videos about how we jam to an unfamiliar arrangement, all that good stuff. Excited to share it with everyone! :)

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Anonymous → Jad, I need your advice! I've bleached my hair thrice; between the 2nd and the 3rd, my hair gradually returned to a decent condition. It's been at least 6 weeks since my last bleaching and since around 2 weeks ago, my hair's been dry & unable to produce oil even after days of not being washed. Before, my hair was well on its way to recovery, but now, it's as if it's just been bleached. Can't go to the salon due to college, any recommended products, and any idea as to why this happened? Thanks!

Wassup! No two people’s hair is the same so even if you waited a while before doing your third bleaching, your hair may have already been damaged from the previous two. Sometimes it doesn’t show right away after bleaching, the dryness sets in a few weeks after. Also, you need to have meticulous deep conditioning treatments in order to maintain your hair and keep it from going dry, all throughout and between bleaching and coloring. It really gets expensive, even if it’s DIY. Also, sometimes it might be a lost cause, but I hope not! Try to trim off the really dead ends so they don’t travel up your hair and ruin the rest of it.

For restoring hair, I suggest you try keratin treatments (mine was 1500 at Pink & Gold Salon), because they really help. There might be some DIY ones like Joico K-Pak, but I have honestly not tried it yet. I’ll make sure to do a review if I do though. I also recommend good kinds of leave-ins. I’ve tried Snoe’s Hair Heroes Extreme and I use it as a leave in or a deep conditioner (2 hours on weekends). Be careful of it making your hair super oily if you leave it on too long.

Take note I’m just guessing that your hair needs protein restoration, but it could be any number of reasons. Try some out and see if any work, as a last resort, get a salon keratin treatment (the hair stylist will probably recommend it immediately).

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taigaaaaaaaa → Hi ate Jad :) Tanong lang po. Regular po kasi akong nag b-bleach ng hair, pero this sembreak nag bleach ako (kasi nagpa black ako nung pasukan po) tapos yung mga bagong tubo na hair lang may kulay.. Bakit po ganun. Dati naman hindi kahit nag pa black ako ng hair :( Help po :(

Hi, medyo di ko gets yung question. Dati nagdye ka ng black. Nagbleach ka, then nagcolor ka, and yung bagong tubong hair lang ang may kulay, tama ba? If that’s what you meant, it might be that damaged na ang previous growth mo, kaya hindi na maghold ng color. That means blown out na ang hair follicles so the color just slips out, di kumakapit. :(

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titsandwishfuldreams → I have virgin black Asian hair. I want like a purple/lavender ombre. How do you think I should go about that?

I suggst you create a gradient that causes the least damage, going black from the top of your head, then dark purple midlengths, then lighter purple tips. That way the gradient works and you only need to bleach your tips full strength, your midlength half-strength.

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Anonymous → Hi, Jad! Planning to bleach my hair this sem break, but I'm really scared that it might end up being orange ;A; Did your hair turn orange the first time you bleached it? Anyway, my real question is about toning. What's a decent substitute to blue/violet dyes/shampoo so I could get rid of the brassiness? They're all imported and I don't plan on making a PayPal account anytime soon so I could pay for stuff on Ebay. Thanks for the help!


1. Yes, my hair turned orange when I first bleached it. Here’s the 10 stages of decolorization so you can visualize it better.

2. To get rid of brassiness, you need a counteracting pigment of some sort to neutralize your current color. Take note this doesn’t work if your hair isn’t light enough. If your hair is orangey, find a blue or violet pigment, mix it in your conditioner and hope for the best. :) By the way, there are lots of instagram & sellers in the phils that now carry Manic Panic, Directions, Special Effects and Splat. Do a search! :)

For example:

on instagram try


They tend to be a little more expensive though, than if you just order direct from ebay. Good luck!

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bombshellsunited → Hi! I just found your blog and it answered so many of my hair dying questions :D Anyway, heres my question: I got my hair tips bleached once (virgin Asian hair) and now I have medium brown/orange tips. ; n ; So how light does my hair have to be to tone it, so I can use semi-permanent dye on it? :D

Harro! Glad my blog helped you out. :D

Medium brown orange tips can work if you’re using: bright pinks, oranges, reds, strong purples and warm colors.

They might not work so great with: greens, blues, turquoises, and other cool colors. <==you’d need another bleach session (try a bleach bath) before toning.

How light your hair needs to be before toning really depends on what color you want. most people bleach to a brassy yellow then tone. So, what color do you plan to put on?

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