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Ooh, shiny #boots #vancl #silver #combatboots #shiny #metallic #shoes #ootd #outfits

Ooh, shiny #boots #vancl #silver #combatboots #shiny #metallic #shoes #ootd #outfits

I must be crazy to wear these, lacing them up took forever #tygun #adidas #boxing #boots #shoes #outfits

I must be crazy to wear these, lacing them up took forever #tygun #adidas #boxing #boots #shoes #outfits

Lemon Lemming

Haven’t done these outfit posts in FOREVAR

galaxy bag | taobao
floral print boots | SM department store
maroon velvet skater skirt | ebay HK
shirt | Only Time by Muttley from Design by Humans

Hello my new darlings #shoes #floral #boots #pointy

Hello my new darlings #shoes #floral #boots #pointy

Feeling blue at Alleycat Teahouse. #blue #numark #vinyl #record #jeffbeck #boots #milktea #alleycat (at Alleycat Tea House)

Feeling blue at Alleycat Teahouse. #blue #numark #vinyl #record #jeffbeck #boots #milktea #alleycat (at Alleycat Tea House)

Matched set.  #numark #boots #violet #blue #vinyl #jeffbeck #record #vintage (at Alleycat Tea House)

Matched set. #numark #boots #violet #blue #vinyl #jeffbeck #record #vintage (at Alleycat Tea House)



Oooh Ask Box messages! <3

Hey guys! Hope you don’t mind me publishing your questions. I think it might help people who are wondering the same thing. :)

Hi Aleck! Thanks hihi :) About ordering from Taobao, track the tag “taobao” on my tumblr and you’ll see all the info about how I ordered and used my taobao agent, Stalklife! :) I have some tips and I explain how the pricing is done. :) Click this! Good luck on building your shoe collection! :)

Halooo! :) Heehee thanks for liking my crocheted stuff.  :D Actually the shipping fee for Luzon is a flat rate of P140 at 2G0, the courier I usually use. :) I don’t make any extra moolah off of the shipping fee, hehe. A good way to save on shipping is to order with a friend, since I can fit about 3 or 4 hats in a P140 pouch. They recently phased out their P125 pouch which only fits one hat. :) Aww, good luck with your thesis! I can imagine it’s pretty hard work. But I know it’ll all be worth it in the end. :)

Hee, my shoe collection is pretty modest. I don’t really own a lot of fancy high heeled shoes :D I think anyone can pull off creepers! Try mo one time! Pag suot mo feeling mo ang thin ng ankles mo! hehe! I know Primadonna sells creeper-type shoes locally. :) Also, about DM’s… I think may inner wild child lang yung mga mahilig ng DMs. hehe. But seriously, I’m super passive! Like, I’m a quiet, serene (lolz) person with a good sense of humor. Hehe. I think it’s possible to like alternative styles even without being aggressive or fierce, but passion is always present. :)


Thanks for your questions, lovely ladies <3333

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Shoe Addiction

It might not seem readily obvious, but I love shoes. (or, okay, it might be obvious lol).

More than that, I love WEIRD shoes. I like clunky, manly boots. I am infatuated with spikes and geta-shaped things and flatforms. I like those ridiculous elevator shoes that people hate so much and dedicate entire blogs to saying how stupid they look. I hate high heels. In fact, I abhor stiletto heels, even though all the expert blogs say that I, Ms. Generically Short and Curvy girl, should wear them to minimize my “flaws”. To that I say, lol. I’m happy being small and funny and strange. :P

Anyway, with my recent Taobao haul I got questions and actually, a request to show my shoe collection. I also got a request to do a post on where I buy my shirts from around Davao City, so my next one will be about that! :)

But for now, here are the shoes I bought from Taobao with the rest of my collection:

I still can’t get over how shiny those red and silver ones are. My black 1460’s look positively dull in comparison, but I still love them the most. Go figure.

Creepers, and flatforms, long may they wave.

If you’re wondering why all my shoes are on the floor, it’s because I only have one pitiful shoe rack. And I filled it with all the shoes I hate/don’t want to wear anymore. You can probably see a couple of heels in there - I’m keeping those for weddings.

I actually don’t feel any great need to organize my stuff since keeping all my shoes on the floor lets me pick and pull out a pair I want to wear a lot faster. The only downside to it is they gather a lot of dust this way.

I guess I better figure out a more efficient way of organizing my shoes sometime soon!

Welp, that’s it for my modest shoe collection. Hope you enjoyed. I definitely don’t have as many shoes as say, dedicated fashion bloggers, but then again I’m not a fashion blogger. :)

I just pick out shoes I like, and I give them love, like a dear friend. If they betray me (like high heels that make my feet want to die after 4 hours of wearing them), they get relegated to The Rack.

Do you have a collection of a specific type of shoe? :) Lemme know all about it. :)

High heels suck, Jad

YOUNG BLOOD: Davao Fashion Pieces →


Some people may think of Davao as a place where fashion is unknown. But no, fashion is like a disease here in Davao and everyone’s infected. Fashion has reached epidemic proportions here in Davao, and seeing everyone in their fashionable mixing and matching techniques brightens up the future of a…

2 pairs of my shoes are amongst the photos in this blogpost from Aidx. Can you guess which ones? :)

Outfit Post: Writer’s Block, Guitar Woes

I wanted a change from my usual garage photos, so:

Doc Marten boots, vintage print skirt, top from Next, Hawaiian Hill glasses,and I bought that necklace from one of those stalls on the street that sell clay necklaces on leather cords, from a man with colorful dreadlocks.

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Soft Core Shoe Porn

I was rearranging my shoe rack earlier today so I decided to take some photos of the shoes I’ve been loving recently. I only have a modest collection, though :D

I’m not a shoe addict or anything, so I only wear shoes that I like, over and over and over again lol. Here’s a photo of my favorites this month:

Can you see the flatform love? Lol. I’m also really enjoying all my leather boots, or variations of them, because seriously, they go with everything. Creepers go with anything too, even floral print dresses and ruffle socks! I have a schizo sense of style, fluctuating from girly to er… manly throughout the week, so I want my shoes to be compatible with all my outfits. Yes, I have the same creeper style in two colors because I’m weird. I’m kind of on a creeper binge lately.

I’m trying to remedy the fact that I don’t buy enough shoes, because really, I would rather spend shoe money on cool-tshirts, but I’m fast realizing the beauty of having shoes that go with EVERYTHING. Like ankle boots and creepers, haha.