CIRCLE LENS REVIEW: Peach Color ADULT GRAY from Japanese Candy!

A few days ago, my favorite circle lens shop Japanese Candy sent me a present in the mail!

Package superstar of the week! They sent me two pairs, one in gray and one in brown.

They remembered my grades, too!

I’ll be reviewing the gray pair today, since I haven’t opened the brown ones yet. :)

They’re called Peach Color P-Con lenses, and are manufactured by EOS. They’re pre-order if you want to buy a pair.

These are the ADULT SERIES, with the code E-203.

Looking at them in the light, though, they seem to have a purplish/blue tinge.

I actually messaged Japanese Candy first to ask if they had any lenses that

1. Didn’t enlarge

2. were gray

3. looked natural

4. had a minimal limbal ring

5. had grades

because I fully expected to buy a pair :) Instead, they sent me two free to review! They’re so awesome. Anyway, these lenses DO enlarge a bit, they’re 14.00 mm and I suppose with circle lenses that’s as small as they’re gonna get, lol.

The reason I didn’t want enlarging lenses was because I kinda already look pretty crazy with my rainbow hair and my alternative personal style. And sometimes I like to wear lenses because I always fog up my glasses when I move from somewhere hot to cold and back (like gigs, malls, etc), and because sometimes my red-framed glasses don’t go with what I’m wearing that day. So, not-so-large lenses are a great compromise for me!

Here’s some product info:

■ Brand:  EOS Medical., Ltd
■  Material: HEMA ・Color
■ Model: Adult Gray
■ Origin: South Korea
■ Water Content: 42%
■ Diameter/Base Curve: 14.0mm/8.6mm
■ Life Span: 1 Year
■ Prescription:

-0.00; -1.00; -1.25 ; -1.50; -1.75; -2.00; -2.25;
-2.50; -2.75; -3.00; -3.25; -3.50; -3.75; -4.00;
-4.25; -4.50; -4.75; -5.00; -5.50; -6.00; -6.50;
-7.00; -7.50; -8.00; -8.50; -9.00; -9.50; -10.0

Anyway, I got to try out the lenses for myself last Sunday!

Outdoors, 3pm

Hurray for sweat beads on noses on really hot days!

Indoors, 10pm, no flash.

I was already pretty tired from spending the day with my family here, but I didn’t have any redness from the lenses like I usually do with bigger ones. I love these lenses, they’re soft and comfortable and I can just forget that they’re there!

They look pretty normal too, despite the light color, just don’t make the creepy face I’m making, but I’m trying to be more “personable” in these review posts, lol.

Indoors, flash. With flash, though, it’s a different story. They give you a pretty intense “surprise, betchez!” look because the print reflects off of the flash. So I guess this is really where the “gray” part comes into play - they look less blue and more gray.


I’m not wearing any lashes, they’re just too much trouble sometimes, and when wearing lenses I always feel like a lash will fall into my eyeball and drive me crazy in public. So not kyot. All I have on is some non-waterproof mascara because the waterproof kind is a pain to wash off when you get home. Does that say something about how lazy I am about makeup? lol.

Verdict: Current favorite pair!

It really depends on what you’re looking for in a pair of lenses. If you want super enlarging lenses, these aren’t the ones for you. They also don’t have that really dark limbal ring that most girls look for. 

But if you’re looking for a nice gray pair that looks pretty natural (which is rare for light lenses), try these out at Japanese Candy! <3 I wore this to church with no problems, then to dinner, then to band practice. When I got home, no red eyes. YAY!

Thanks for my lenses, Japanese Candy!

Adults smell gray, Jad

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OHAI~I&#8217;m going to be doing circle lens reviews from now on, so I&#8217;m trying out a self portrait lighting setup that works for this sort of thing. I think this is pretty good, just having a hard time focusing on myself with a MANUAL lens! Yes. I have to pre-focus it before I take a picture! I&#8217;m glad I have a remote, or it&#8217;d be even harder, lol.
I would have preferred using my Geo Contact Lenses in Angel Brown to test out this lighting, but I can&#8217;t find them so I just put on these guys, which I passed by in EO Executive Optical at SM and bought on a whim. I was getting clear contacts (my eyes are legit broke, all my contacts need to have a grade), but the lady asked me if I wanted to try their Colorflex series. This color is called Peppermint. Comfort-wise, ithey&#8217;re ok, but I tend to feel sleepy/eyes get itchy after about 6 hours. They were about P550 but they only last 3 months, so, you might as well get a Dueba/Girly series for P600. They last a year! Also I added a few colors to the bottom layers of my hair and that makes me a happy panda. ♥