Hamstew eats carrot <3 #hamster #pet #cute

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This is our puppy Simon. He was a gift given to me by my parents on my birthday last July. Simon is a toy poodle-terrier mix and is very intelligent, personable and active. He is approximately 4.5 months old in this album.

He knows sit, stand on two legs, stand on all fours, lie down, shake with his left paw, shake with his right paw, high five, touch various objects (wall, pail, foot, chair), spin, jump over various obstacles (my leg, a broom, etc), stay still for grooming, and his name.

He is a cute little bugger and we love him to bits.

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@john_amor and I are at my parent&#8217;s house. And there&#8217;s a handsome new member of the family!!! #puppy #golden #yellow #dog #pets #cute
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Me: Simon, look what I have fer yuuuu!!! Simon: DUDE OMG. #pets #toy #puppy #poodle #dog #cute
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Favorite bag #totoro #miyazaki #anime #ghibli #bag #cute
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Shoelaces of Powerrr #shoelaces #cute #colorful #kawaii #strawberries #pink
Adorable nail polish haul #nail polish #cute #colorful #nailart #nails
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Teal Outline Nails

Check out my Black Outlined Teal Nails!
Now, seeing as I have stubby guitar playing sausages instead of real fingers, I don’t always get a chance to experiment with nail designs.

Seeing as I barely have any nail real estate lol, I usually stick with simple designs that don’t take forever to do (also because I’ll probably ruin them the next day at band prax anyway).

This one seemed like an easy design to do for short nails so I took pics!


You’ll need
1 bright color (some tealy color from LA Disco Brites)
1 opaque black polish (Caronia)
1 opaque black striper (Sassy)
1 clear top coat (Revlon)

Cover entire nail in black polish:

Wait for black polish to dry completely before applying 2nd color.

Don’t worry if it looks like crud, you can fix it with the next coat. The trick is to leave a black outline all around. If you mess up, you can fix it with the striper. Look, mine doesn’t look all that great either :|

2nd coat looks much better!

Of course, since I am ME, that means a bit of a mess. Fixed it with a black striper to make the outline neater.

Finish off with top coat so your kyot nails don’t get ruined!

Then go watch Community/Girls/Supernatural/Sherlock/Fringe. Do it. DO. IT.

Lates! Jad


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Me teaching Wilson how to sit. We’ve had him for about a week and already he’s proving himself to be a really smart little fella. He loves biscuits, so he cheats!

I posted about why we got him and why his name is Wilson here.

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Looks like I’m going to have a new tag on my blog. And that’s: PETS!

This is Wilson. He’s named after the volleyball in Castaway. 

The Boy and I found him while I was recording the first song of our 2nd EP at my friend Maki’s house. According to him, Wilson’s half Spitz, half mutt and nobody can be bothered to take care of him. When we found him, he was stinky, full of fleas and hadn’t eaten in about 2 days. We were still charmed, though.

This is a video of that same day. He was pretty low-energy from lack of food but still adorable. He’s about 2 months old, still too young to be away from his mom, but if we didn’t ask to adopt him, I doubt he would have lived past that week.

In contrast, Click here for a video of him after a week at our house. He’s been fed, given milk, dewormed, visited by a vet, and scoured for fleas. He’s obviously more active and a lot less timid. I’ve been teaching him to sit, and he’s so smart that he picks it up right away. He makes us so happy!

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Outfit Post: Writer’s Block, Guitar Woes

I wanted a change from my usual garage photos, so:

Doc Marten boots, vintage print skirt, top from Next, Hawaiian Hill glasses,and I bought that necklace from one of those stalls on the street that sell clay necklaces on leather cords, from a man with colorful dreadlocks.

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Wore this last Saturday during a dyeing session for two of our friends. What better place to do it than inside an already paint-splattered art gallery?  Blog post coming up soon! &lt;3Shirt | stolen from The Boy, Artwork
Magenta Tights | Closet MonsterEar plugs | DIYCreepers | eBay, Moderno Sensephoto taken by Aidx ParedesCheck out Aidx&#8217; fabulous new head of blue here!

I just finished making these:

I’m so pleased with how they turned out that I’m making a DIY tutorial! :) It’s for people who are considering stretching their ears but want to see if gauges suit them first.

All I know is, I like how they look on me! <3