25 Facts About Myself

I rarely do posts like this, since I figure my blog can totally speak on my behalf, but since The Boy did one a million years ago, I thought it’d be cool.

1. I play guitar, bass, keyboards, sing. I cannot dance seriously or play drums because they involve footwork, but I can play a mean pair of maracas. (LOL)

2. I love to crochet, but I have only been doing it for about a year or so.

3. I am married to the internet.

4. I love photography even though the first time I ever held a DSLR was only last year. I use Pentax and Canon, fitted with old manual lenses.

5. I dye my own hair various colors. Currently it is pink and purple.

6. I have tattoos and piercings.

7. I love to write poems. Before I started making music, I wrote poems. Eventually they turned into songs. When I was 8 years old I was given a small red typewriter and I used it to write stories to send to my relatives in the US. I wrote one about a bear in the woods who turned into a princess.

8. I love to draw various things on my hands, arms, or palms with pens or markers. I curb this impulse by limiting myself to nail art.

9. I love to read. In grade school, the teachers referred to me as a “wide reader”. Later on I found out it meant I really didn’t care what I read about, as long as it was new, interesting information. I also read very fast.

10. I like to DIY everything. By everything, I mean, if there’s a way to make it myself, I will try it. That includes furniture and footwear.

11. I am very clumsy. If there is a fragile vase in your house and you invite me over, I will probably have broken it by the time I leave.

12. I am really near-sighted. A lot of people tease me about passing by friends and not seeing them until they’re like a foot away from me. I don’t do this out of spite - I really am just blind as a bat.

13. I am really absent-minded. I lose a phone every few years, and find it hard to remember names. I also sometimes leave the house with my shirt on backwards.

14. I am double jointed. I can dislocate my shoulder and my fingers can all bend at 3 different points. My friends want to puke when they see me do it.

15. I am a Christian, and I firmly believe in God. I help my parents out at church a lot, especially since their ministry involves abused, neglected children.

16. I scratch my ear when I’m impatient and I also have a jittery knee(my tell).

17. My house once had 17 cats (9 of them kittens).

18. My first pet was a rabbit named Thalia.

19. I do not like to see pointed objects held near my face (like upturned bbq sticks or forks in a container). I hate it so much it makes a scar near my eye throb, just like Harry Potter.

20. I am allergic to penicillin and fruit skins. I once brought an unwashed pineapple to school in the 2nd grade - my whole face swelled up.

21. I have freckles all over my body, including under the hairs in my arms and across my nose.

22. I love to laugh and will always be drawn to people who make me laugh. I don’t get along well with people who are overly self-conscious and take themselves too seriously.

23. I love anime, comics, science fiction, fantasy, and cartoons. When I was a freshman my entire dorm wall was covered in various anime posters, and it was my pride and joy. Later on I realized what a nerd I was, lol

24. When it’s time for me to sleep I get a slight fever.

25. I have always been unable to like the taste of colored fish.

Lemon Lemming

Haven’t done these outfit posts in FOREVAR

galaxy bag | taobao
floral print boots | SM department store
maroon velvet skater skirt | ebay HK
shirt | Only Time by Muttley from Design by Humans

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Blood and Moonhttp://lookbook.nu/look/5139784-Red-Espadrilles-Oxblood-Velvet-Skater-Skirt
How April Fools Day Can Make You Wiser

Every year our our newsfeeds clog up with the requisite “I’m pregnant”s, “I finally went to that dream city” and “I hooked up with so and so”.

 It’s funny how people take only one day out of the year to speak what’s always been on their minds, and it’s the day they expect no one to believe them. I wonder if there’s a petition out there to rename April Fool’s to “What I Really Think Day”.

 A little reading between the lines has always proved to be more beneficial than not, even if it’s not without its hazards (read: in the same vein, ignorance may also be bliss if that’s your cup of tea).

 I suppose the main point of this little post really is this: Perception is key to living life on bigger terms. People like to put themselves in little boxes, operating in finite terms, functioning through limited goals. This is not to say that we shouldn’t be realistic, by all means, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t aim higher, either.

 It’s all about perception. You could think of it as a typical day in the career you hate, sitting beside that officemate you have nothing in common with, listening to her or him prattle on about something you have no interest in. You could think of it as a city with nothing to do, with a bunch of nobodies to hang out with, too sleepy for your racy socialite needs. You could think of it as a subject in school you are convinced will have absolutely no impact in your life as a future Palanca winner. You could think of it as the nth time your lover has missed the point of your well-rehearsed argument.

 But here’s the rub: more often than not, we have no fucking idea what we’re talking about. We never see more than meets the eye - and we always judge things before we give them a chance, then we put them in the boxes we like to call our lives. We are constantly frustrated by our own impositions. And everyone in the world is just like us.

 Except on April Fools Day. That day where we allow ourselves to think just beyond what we usually allow ourselves, that day we hope a little more ridiculously, aim a little more frivolously, talk a little more freely.

 So here’s my question: Why not be frivolous, ridiculous, and free more often? I’m sure detractors have a ready “because we can’t afford to, you silly daydreamer”.

That’s where you’re wrong.

 Every single person can afford to dream, so dream big, dream stupid, dream ridiculous. A heightened awareness of ourselves, the world around us, and the people we interact with broadens our perception and allows us to live life on bigger, better terms.

That sleepy little town where absolutely nothing interesting happens is a motherlode of possibility for someone else. Your lover who doesn’t understand you loves you anyway. Your office mate talks so much to you because you are so different from everyone else, exchanging admiration for your scorn. That subject you hate was paid for by your father who never got to take it because they were poor growing up. What you think is boring reality is someone else’s dream. Again, perception is key.

 Find awesomeness in mundane life, not because you’re a person incapable of coming to terms with reality, but because you’re the kind of person who looks at the world with constant, new-found wonder.

 Happy April Fool’s Day.

Well now. Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes. (Literally, because I haven’t slept since yesterday!) For people who want to purchase Jad Montenegro Music's 1st EP Fixed Points and Pendulums, we will be selling these only during our bar tour gigs this March. Like our facebook page for updates and gig schedules!
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productive night is productive. Back cover art by The Boy.
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So, uh, I hadda fun weekend.
Event Diary: Love, Loss, and Libido {LitOrgy 2013}

February 16th was the night of LitOrgy’s annual event, hosted by The Davao Writer’s Guild, involving poetry reading, performance art, monologues, and this year… a band performance (by us!).

Wrap documenting the goings-on

Chuck Fournier playing his electronica setlist

Spoken word accompanied by music

Spoken word accompanied by dance

I read one of my memoirs before my band came onstage

John Bengan reads a story called Bad Heart

My band performs 3 of our originals from both 1st and 2nd EP

Mandy takes video

An appreciative, intent crowd composed of writers

After the event, goofing off with Marky

Bagane showing a rare smile

Film crew and us

My outfit was… stellar.

MtG everywhere!

The organizers Karla, Allen, Julian and Chi.

LitOrgy’s Love, Loss and Libido was definitely a different sort of event, a little more subtlety, a little more reading between the lines than a regular gig. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Props to the organizers for pulling it off successfully. I’m looking forward to next year’s!

xx Jad

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Today Through Photos and Gifs

Had a meeting with @tineserrano, @cheekiealbay, and @theaidxparedes today at Zabadani in Gaisano Mall’s The Peak. Cheekie, Tine and I agreed to be editorial consultants for a new online magazine called Lieu.

Basically as senior consultants (Cheekie is a writer at Cosmopolitan, Tine is a writer at Manila Bulletin and a styling consultant) we provide guidance regarding publishing policies and events production. Initially Lieu asked if we could be their Editors in Chief, but our busy schedules simply can’t accommodate it. Instead, we’ve become godmothers to  Lieu’s team, as they are still finding their footing.

But, none of my photos captured the boring stuff, just a few silly moments caught by my new gif-making app. Lol.


Srs Bsns is Srs


Afterwards, this piece of heaven hiding in the grocery level chaos

Tine and Aidx goofing around

Me complaining that my kneehighs keep rolling down my thigh lol

Fashionable tootsies headed elsewhere.


Last week in instagram photos.

So today I decided I needed blunt bangs in my life! It is really hard to cut your own fringe because half the time they’re covering your eyes.Knowing me and my predilection for clumsiness, it’s a miracle I didn’t put my own eye out.OH WELL YAY

Jad Montenegro Music's first single off our 2nd EP Detours, called Complicated!

featuring… random band clips haha

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My Hair Timeline: Working My Way Around the Color Wheel


As I look at my timeline, I realize that I’ve always colored my hair by working around the color wheel, to minimize damage and my need for bleaching. I hope this helps people take advantage of fading colors to make their next color choice. I believe there is a sensible way to dye your hair without completely frying it. I’m not without my mishaps (one time I double processed my bangs and they fell off), but for the most part I’ve tried to be patient and not overbleach. I also wait for my colors to fade and then put on a color close to my old one - that way I move around the color wheel.


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Buying MILK TEA which ended up not having any milk in it. See how dark the liquid in my hand is?! The lady wasn’t listening to my order at all. Plus when I asked them to poke a hole in it and put milk in, they said they couldn’t do it cos their lids were on inventory. WTF?! Last ka na lang, 360 degrees!
"We are Siamese, if you please.”
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