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Shoe Addiction

It might not seem readily obvious, but I love shoes. (or, okay, it might be obvious lol).

More than that, I love WEIRD shoes. I like clunky, manly boots. I am infatuated with spikes and geta-shaped things and flatforms. I like those ridiculous elevator shoes that people hate so much and dedicate entire blogs to saying how stupid they look. I hate high heels. In fact, I abhor stiletto heels, even though all the expert blogs say that I, Ms. Generically Short and Curvy girl, should wear them to minimize my “flaws”. To that I say, lol. I’m happy being small and funny and strange. :P

Anyway, with my recent Taobao haul I got questions and actually, a request to show my shoe collection. I also got a request to do a post on where I buy my shirts from around Davao City, so my next one will be about that! :)

But for now, here are the shoes I bought from Taobao with the rest of my collection:

I still can’t get over how shiny those red and silver ones are. My black 1460’s look positively dull in comparison, but I still love them the most. Go figure.

Creepers, and flatforms, long may they wave.

If you’re wondering why all my shoes are on the floor, it’s because I only have one pitiful shoe rack. And I filled it with all the shoes I hate/don’t want to wear anymore. You can probably see a couple of heels in there - I’m keeping those for weddings.

I actually don’t feel any great need to organize my stuff since keeping all my shoes on the floor lets me pick and pull out a pair I want to wear a lot faster. The only downside to it is they gather a lot of dust this way.

I guess I better figure out a more efficient way of organizing my shoes sometime soon!

Welp, that’s it for my modest shoe collection. Hope you enjoyed. I definitely don’t have as many shoes as say, dedicated fashion bloggers, but then again I’m not a fashion blogger. :)

I just pick out shoes I like, and I give them love, like a dear friend. If they betray me (like high heels that make my feet want to die after 4 hours of wearing them), they get relegated to The Rack.

Do you have a collection of a specific type of shoe? :) Lemme know all about it. :)

High heels suck, Jad