Fashion Obsessions Part 2

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Another obsession post so soon? That’s the thing about obsessions, I guess, they’re always THERE, lol.

First on my list: Tattoo chokers. I’m about to put in an order for the pentagram or yin yang one. Yep, you heard me, those plasticy things everyone wore back in the 90s. If you didn’t know anyone who wore this, you needed to get out more!



heroin chic eyes - I love this look, because I am so lazy about putting on my face before I go out. You’d think someone who spends so much time getting her hair color right would bother to comb it a little and put some lipstick on, but nooo. I don’t get my brows groomed, and I don’t  like thick makeup.

I’ve actually been going out with these reddish/mauve/taupe eyes and dark, thick brows for a while, no lipstick, no blush. Porcelain skin is key. Best of all, husband loves this look. Looking sick is me looking my best, go figure.



Gel Nails :I am really digging gel / uv gel nails. I spend a small fortune on amateur nail art and I’m seriously considering getting my own gel nail kit, which can run from 3 to 6k (because the UV Lamp can set you back for quite a lot of money). A gel manicure at a nail salon is about P600-800, and I don’t love their designs. The upshot is, the artwork you spent hours on stays chip-free for 2 weeks. Also, all the nail posts you see nowadays are gel nails, with the trademark smooth, thick coat and crisp lines. Negative space designs look amazing on a gel base. I’m on the fence, but I’m about to tip over to the dark side and order my own complete kit.


All Black / Monochromatic outfits  are basically my whole life because 1, I am really pale and it goes with the territory, and 2, because all black is forgiving on a lazily-put-together outfit. I do have my other crazy side of the closet (the one that contains a vest covered in french fry print, galaxy shirts, and pink leather skirts) which I am starting to ignore more and more. I’m trying to embrace monochromatic ootds, but with summer upon us, I can’t promise. lol.

The nice thing I see about the all-black outfit that is on-trend is that it is mostly made up of sheer material/fabric, so while it is a uniform colour, the silhouette is breezy and airy. Never thought I’d describe black as breezy, but there you go.


black, thin-soled chuck taylors. This photo is from my instagram, and I wore these to Hiphouse Thursday.

Lug sole + cutout + platform boots are everywhere. I want a pair!


And lastly, suede is so, so very beautiful to me right now. I’m about to trade all my leather pieces for suede, but I’m trying to restrain myself!


What are your fashion obsessions?

Fashion Obsessions Part 1

So I decided to make this first post in a series because of my rapidly changing tastes. I tend to fixate on something like a magpie OOOH SHINY MUST HAVE IT I MUST and then forget about it a few weeks or months down the line. Last year was a galaxy and harajuku/street style thing for me, and I think it’s still in my system, but I’m starting to get over it, lol. So here are my fashion obsessions at the moment:

holograms | image source


boxy silhouettes (bag lady heaven)

nails: negative space + pastel marbling | image source


nails: nude black ombres | image source


schoolgirl sandals image

midi length skirts

I don’t know how long I can stay on a minimalist streak since quirky clothes are so very, very very seductive for me.  Seriously, I can’t think of a single reason why I should not buy a shirt covered in pizza print. But I’m consciously trying to curb that urge, lol. Wish me luck!

Haul Diary: Cheap Thrills

I always have fun when I’m just at a random mall and I find cheap stuff that appeal to my personality, like:

(all from SM dept store kid’s dept and Watsons)

a bow-tie from the kid’s department

hair ties that complement my hair color

silver hair spray from a drugstore

heart socks

and other cool things like:

(all from Victoria Plaza dept store & tiangge)

watermelon socks

rainbow animal print leggings

an oversized tribal print top

Wore both here:

and cute shoelaces! P15-20 each, lol

cuteness verified:

I also got something I’ve been waiting for, for ages, in the mail recently!


(from eBay)

HAMSOHAPPY. Also, see those silver strawberry and Hello Kitty patches? P9 at the NCCC textile department. lol. I attached brooch pins to the backs and turned them into badges because I was too lazy to sew them onto my denim vest. Buttons are band buttons from ages ago (Radiohead, Pink Floyd and the Ramones)

edit: I got to wear them out last Saturday when I hosted Muzika del Sur’s 1st episode of the season! :)

Also just a few days ago, this also arrived:

My eyeball earring and ear cuff!

Wore it here:

So perfect. The quality is terrific!

Thrills come cheap in my world, ♥ Jad

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Outfit Diary: A granny outfit, a new haircut, and a light table

Before I do another tutorial (which is the galaxy tank due to popular demand!), I’m posting an outfit because I haven’t done one in a while!

Anyway, I’ve had the flu, and a chronic cough that’s lasted more than a week. I’ve missed several gigs and events and it’s making me feel more like a shut-in than ever. But yesterday I felt well enough to attend church, so we took some outfit photos outdoors afterward, yay!

I call this my Granny outfit, because

1. I love how vintage looking this linen dress is, and

2. because the denim jacket I’m wearing is one that I wore for approximately 1 week back in ‘97, then shoved in the back of my closet because suddenly it became very passe’ and embarrassing to wear denim jackets back then. Which makes it more than a decade old!

WELL. I am glad that they are back and that I never threw away this old denim jacket! I’m such a hoarder, lol.

Denim Jacket: from high school | thrifted brown paisley print dress | peacock earrings House of Ferosh | pink socks SM dept store | blue Euromoda boots

And I’m looking down because the wind is so strong and making my earrings fly into my face!

I am pretty smitten with the simple paisley print on this simple brown dress. Sometimes I like going all out and wearing lots of color, but I love this minimalist blue and brown combination.

[Couldn’t help wearing some pink socks, though. :) ]

Can’t stop staring at my blue boots. I am in love with them. The fit, the shape, the color, everything. I find them absolutely perfect.

I gave The Boy a haircut, btw, his curls were rioting and creating a moppy afro and it would get in his eyes when he slept. It actually looks a lot neater when the wind isn’t blowing it every which way so I’m pretty happy I didn’t mess it up :P It makes him look 12, so kyot.

I’m actually pretty surprised we still managed to take some halfway decent photos since this was looming in the horizon:

I found it beautiful, though. I had to take out my camera and capture the last rays of sun before the night and the wind swallowed us completely.

p.s. We finally got around to getting The Boy a light table! We are very happy with the way it looks in our office.

For those reading my blog for the first time, The Boy is a comic book artist, I think he’s the most awesome person ever, and we love talking about stupid stuff.

Grannies, curls, and tables that light up are cool,


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Anonymous → may i ask how much the tokyo boppers in primadonna are? and up to what size did they go up to? please? (i'd go to the store myself, but i'm in the US, so, not possible.)

they’re currently on sale for like 999! I think their largest AT the store is 38, in stocks, maybe 39? That’s what I usually know from experience.

flywithballoons → Ate Jad, where did you buy your dms?:)

Hi Hannah! :) My black 1460’s were from the U.K., my friend brought them back with her. My cherry red ones and the two others that aren’t dm’s (Euromoda and Vancl) are from I blogged about how I ordered them here.

Photo Diary: Regala

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Anonymous → Hello Jad! It's amazing how you seem to effortlessly carry all the clothes you wear. I love your style! I actually wanna try dressing up like that but I always feel uneasy whenever I do because I feel like the fattest person alive. Pls give me some advice? Thank you.

I actually love you for asking this question because I ALWAYS feel like the fattest person alive. Unlike my ultra-skinny, flawless friends who have impeccable taste in fashion, I’ve always been not tall enough, not model-lific enough, not photo-shoot-worthy enough, and lately I’ve been gaining weight which makes me feel like crap.

However, I realize that all it is is carrying yourself in public with confidence. If you have proper posture, you look taller. If you wear  flatforms/wedges, it helps. I also live in skirts and leggings, because I have a very curvy shape.

While this was considered something good to have in the 50’s, now people just think you’re fat if you have a tiny waist and ankles, wide hips, and a larger butt than most people. Which I do. Which is not awesome if you’re as tiny as I am.

So, I wear black leggings a lot, and I love short skirts that create an a-line (which minimizes my problem area). Long tops help with creating a slimmer silhouette.

Also, I am not a fan of showing my arms, so I choose larger shirts and cut them up to show more of my collarbone and cut the the sleeves so that the hems don’t hug my upper arms, like this:

Finally, find a hairstyle that flatters your face shape. I have a SQUARE face, which i hate with all my freaking heart, but can’t do anything about. So I kinda regret cutting all my hair away from my face so I could have an Asian Mullet. I realized that my long, wavy hair pre-dyeing craze was doing wonders for my really strong jawline. Generally, the more hair covering the sides of your face, the slimmer you look. And sideswept bangs look flattering on everybody.

Don’t worry, Anon. I know how you feel. All I can say is, who gives a crap what other people think? People who judge how other people dress are often shallow and insecure - and that automatically disqualifies their opinion from mattering! <3

xx Jad

YOUNG BLOOD: Davao Fashion Pieces »


Some people may think of Davao as a place where fashion is unknown. But no, fashion is like a disease here in Davao and everyone’s infected. Fashion has reached epidemic proportions here in Davao, and seeing everyone in their fashionable mixing and matching techniques brightens up the future of a…

2 pairs of my shoes are amongst the photos in this blogpost from Aidx. Can you guess which ones? :)

What I wore to band practice. My bandmates said &#8220;aren&#8217;t those the things that Harvey Dent wears in all the Batman toons?&#8221; lol.This photo was taken in my garage since I was sick of the lighting in my living room. In case people are wondering why I hardly ever have photos outside, first of all I&#8217;m nocturnal and only dress up to go out at night, and secondly I&#8217;m terrified of the outdoors.I didn&#8217;t take a lot of photos since I felt weird hangin&#8217; around my garage posing. I was certain the old man living across our house was hiding behind a curtain scowling at the &#8220;wild kids&#8221; living out front lol. I don&#8217;t know how all those fashion bloggers do it in public! Kraaaayzeee.Here&#8217;s one of my shoes that I took at practice, lol.

Hair is still bright, but after some more washing, the red is blending in with the magenta, maroon and purple that i have on underneath it. (I had a failed episode where I put on purple dye and it turned my hair black again … :| However it turns out there really were purple tones in that dye, just really saturated. I’m only just finding out now that my red maroon is fading into it).

Anyway, I have new harem pants, and these might be my favorite out of all the pairs I currently own (I have 9 now -_-), because they have my favorite print: STARS!

I also found an excuse to wear this blindingly bright mustardy yellow Engrish shirt with all sorts of gibberish on it. But it’s got a glittery magenta butterfly on it, so your argument is invalid, k.


It says:

LIVE TOUGH! (okay, I can roll with that)

You are stronger than anyone and that is beautiful (uy, making sense)

PRODUCED BY LEAD (aaaand we’re back to gibberish)


In other newz I found out today that my hair is fluorescent in the sunlight. It must have been all the dye layering I’ve done, and mixing up colors, so that my red is no longer orange based, but leaning more towards the pinks. I’m crossing my fingers that the Cerise (dark, saturated pink) I ordered from La Riche Directions will freaking work on top of it. The worst that can happen is that my red remains red. Right? EH.

Here’s some pictures I took of my hair indoors, near a window. Lots of light outside, well distributed. As you can see, it’s very bright when light hits it, but quite muted in the shade.
(sidenote: Discovered that layering lengthening mascara + volumizing mascara yields a more natural result. I hate clumping and I refuse to wear fake eyelashes except like, special occasions because my eyes are crazy sensitive and will probably balloon out of proportion and pop out of my head if I get a fake eyelash or too much gunk into my eyeball by accident. So, this mascara marriage is rad IMO. I’m only wearing mascara and some eyeliner, no lip stuff or blush.)

I went off to find another spot in the house where there was direct, strong sunlight shining through a doorway.

Here you can see the hair partly in the sun, partly in the shade. No editing.



Here’s the back of my head. I took this picture facing the sun, so after I took this shot I had a bout of temporary blindness, followed by seeing the whole world in purple dots. :/

As you can see it’s pretty bright, but this is like, a rare occasion when the light is directly in front of me, creating a sort of halo. Even my ears are red cos the sun’s so bright. Heh.


Heniway, that’s all. Oh, and my belt has comic book words on it. Yay!
I usually don&#8217;t like to wear tank tops because I have really wide shoulders.
Think airplane hangar level.
Who wants to see man-shoulders on a teensy, chubby girl? (I must have gained 20 pounds from eating my sister-in-law&#8217;s delicious cooking in Taguig)
Nobody, daswat. Heh.
But I felt that these awesome loose striped harem pants with a wide leg offset my shoulders enough so I could wear an olive tank laced tank top just for that day. Sweet.

See, not so bad. Kind of.

I&#8217;ve  been wearing the shoes my husband gave me everywhere, for the simple  reason that they go with EVERY single green or brown bag/top I own and  they are the most comfortable shoes I&#8217;ve ever worn. I love them.
I definitely need to get these guys in cream. If that store hasn&#8217;t sold them out yet. :&#8217;(

Here&#8217;s my obligatory weird crouchy shot that I always do.

And finally, an overexposed grainy shot from my amazing 4 megapixel camera lol.
Cotton olive tank top from tiangge | blue striped harem pants from Ebay
olive and brown wedges | assorted bangles from Apostrophe
vintage satchel from Nine West | multi-layer beaded necklace from tiangge
wire headband used as a belt - I made it myself! 
Anyway,  I&#8217;ve got 4 more pairs of harem pants in my closet that need outfit  posts (can you say addicted to lazy clothes), and I&#8217;ve acquired some new  accessories and shoes from my Manila trip. Will put up a haul post  soon.
How do YOU feel about harem pants? Love them? Hate them? Lemme know! :P
I am wearing a real vintage outfit in this photo - my mother wore this  blouse and skirt piece in her twenties. It has shoulder pads, which I  find adorable! Also wearing the new flatforms my husband gave to me as  one of his birthday presents - he&#8217;s so awesome. Photo was taken before going to church, on a rainy, rainy day. We watched Transformers 3 afterwards.
Thoughts on the movie Transformers  3 = 8.5 out of 10. Humor was a little trite, but better plot than the  other 2 movies, FX were as expected ridiculously good, but good actors  (Alan Tudyk, HOW DARE DEY he&#8217;s Hoban Washburn fer goodness sakes, and  Frances McDormand) in the cast were underused and I felt the 3 hours.  However it was all in all a mostly positive viewing experience.

Salvador Dali and Coco Chanel
(submitted by littlesuburbman)
What I wore to church today. A vintage sea-green dress, mint socks, and off-white pumps. I realized I matched the exact color scheme of my house, so I took a photo. Lol.