Homegrown Pulp Feature

Hurray! I just got a copy of Pulp thanks to my lablab Tessa (who also sent me 2 bags of Gold Roast Milk Tea Mix. I love her so much).

We totally sent hi-res band pics but they picked this one which they lifted from my facebook account, haha.

Also, this article was written when our band still had 3 members! It just came out now. Thank you Pulp and Dat2x for the feature! :)

Anyway, here’s what it says:
THe Pulp Editorial Crew present 13 acts who should make 2013 an interesting year in local music. We may be wrong, but we guarantee you that the music of these new acts would be well the effort of finding.

Jad Montenegro - lead vocals, guitar
Dave Ibao - percussion, guitar
Pjoe Sabanpan - bass, guitar
Formed: 2009

SOUNDS LIKE: Barbie Almalbis, Imago
circa Probably Not, But Most Definitely

LISTEN TO: The Backyard, which won for her an award for Best Music Video at the Muzika del Sur awards.

CHECK OUT: Her 6-track EP Fixed Points and Pendulums, which you can check out on her social media web sites.

CONTACT: 09156297313

The indie music scene in Davao City is just about as active and diverse as it is in Manila thanks to a bunch of talented, enthusiastic and hard-working people. And one of them is JAD MONTENEGRO, who not only has her solo musical career, but also plays in two bands (Polar Depth and Dopamine Effect) and co-organizes Hiphouse, a collective in Davao that aims to promote the Davao indie music scene. She has a wealth of musical experience, having done session work for Manila-based bands such as Apollo Creed and Death by Tampon. When she moved to Davao, she didn’t know anybody, so she sought out band venues and played on her own until the owner of Durian Bar (one of the most established band venues in Davao City) noticed her potential and hooked her up with her present bandmates.

Her passion and talent for music has so far made impact as she not only gets to play actively in Davao, but noted musicians from Manila have taken notice of her potential. When Davao musicians get the same breakthrough that Cebu-based bands have achieved on a national scale, hopefull Jad would be in the center of things. -PULP

My song “Ano” is nominated for PICK OF THE YEAAAAAAAAAR on RADIO REPUBLIC!


Ok, you guise. Voting ends on January 1! Please vote for me, teehee! Thank you!


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Gig Diary: Artist of the Month!

Woot! My band is the Artist of the Month for Davao Music Nation! :) Whee.

Article Reads:

A quirky, small girl whose hair colour is i-cannot-remember-because-the-

last-time-I-saw-it-was-a-different-one sits quietly on a couch in front of me while two other dudes are rambling about nonsensical things to each other, slouched on the sofa. A third guy, sitting adjacent to my seat was making fun of their lyrics singing “Amalayer” to the tune of their song and at the other end of the  room was another dude busy finishing his meal. These five individuals were all listening to the latest mix of the songs for their upcoming EP. They were simply having fun and looked like they didn’t care but they were actually dead serious when a person or another points out certain lyrics, bass lines, guitar or drum parts that they thought needed some tweaking. 

Tell Pablo to move over. DMN proudly presents our featured artist for the month of December. A band who has already played countless gigs around town yet continuously improves on their craft. A band that has already successfully pulled off a sold-out EP launch yet remains grounded. A band that is well anticipated for their 2nd EP yet so humble to thank people each and every time they receive a clap or two. Ladies and Gentlemen let us celebrate the holidays with the music of Jad, Dave, Erick Anthony, Pjoe and Carlo… members of the band Jad Montenegro.

For the original link, click here.

I’m nominated for Best Female Vocalist in the ‘Stig Awards! Other nominees are
Armi Millare   Eunice Jorge   Nicole Asensio   Kat Aggarado   Arci Munoz   Kitchie Nadal   Katt Taylor   Dillan Miseria   Sarah Gaugler   Jad Montenegro   Zia Quizon   Tuesday Vargas   Lougee Basabas   Andrea Moredo   Glaiza De Castro   Julianne Savard   Selena Salang   Nyko Maca   Alessandra De Rossi   Tricia Garcia   
And I’m right in the middle so I’m like… OMG THESE ARE MY GIRL CRUSHES WHO THE HECK NOMINATED ME I FEEL LIKE A POTATOPlease vote for me , I’m gonna be grateful out of my mind if you do!!!! :D
Music Diary: Pick of the Week nominee on Radio Republic!

Woot, we’re a nominee on Radio Republic for pick of the week. So exciting!

Found out yesterday!

We’d love it if you helped vote for my song “Ano” on their website.

Just go to http://www.radiorepublic.ph/home

and look for the poll on the bottom right sidebar :)

No signups, no logins, just one click and your vote is counted. If you do end up voting for us, know we’re grateful like crazy.

xx Jad

Music Diary: A Feature in the Daily Inquirer and Latitudes.nu

Last week was pretty epic for many reasons, but the 2 biggest ones would probably be:

I’m back to being the host for Muzika del Sur (and I’m refreshing my interviewing skills as a tv show host)

and I got featured as a song writer in an online magazine and in the Philippine Daily Inquirer!

photo by Carlo Bords

The entire interviews can be read online:

Latitudes.nu: Filipino Songwriter Jad Montenegro: Songs Based on Emotions

Philippine Daily Inquirer: Davao-based Musician Jad Montenegro is the Real Deal

Both were written by Jesse P. Boga, who has written about me before in the Mindanao Times. I feel blessed that he took the time to write about me. :) Thank you so much, Jesse, you’re such a Godsend.

The cool thing about getting an interview printed in a national publication was that people who read it posted on my facebook wall, with the quotes from my interview that they liked best!

And some tweets, too:

I’m so lucky I have supportive friends and the people who listen to our music are the nicest human beings ever. God is truly an awesome power in my life.

Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys. You make it all worth it. <3

[Past features here.]

Havaianas x M Magazine feature

So here’s what’s up today, Daddy tagging me in the photo he saw of me in M Magazine’s June Issue! Thank you M Mag, and Havaianas for letting me be part of your photoshoot! It was really fun and I met a lot of awesome people! ♥

My related blog post about here: http://jadmontenegro.tumblr.com/post/21130848358/havaianas-its-summer-every-day

I like my funny orange boater hat. Haha. I miss summer already!

Edge Davao feature: Jad Montenegro

>Guys guys guys guys! we have a full page spread in Edge Davao today! Thank you Naive Suico Hibaler for the tag, and Cheekie Albay a.k.a @humminginmyhead ♥ for the writeup!

Mindanao Times x Jad Montenegro

We got a full page spread in the Entertainment Section of the Mindanao Times today! The other page is for Nikita McElroy! :)

Jad and Nikita in today’s entertainment section of Mindanao Times. - Jesse Pizarro Boga”

For the full stories, click here:

Mad About Jad. Sort Of. (interview)


Fixed Points and Pendulums: Jad Montenegro releases first EP (story)


MUSIC DIARY: We’re Featured on Pinoytuner.com!

Is there a better way to wake up in the morning than to see a feature on your music by supportive groups like Pinoytuner.com and RiceRadio? It makes me feel giddy seeing my name up on that magazine with some pretty big acts.

To the people running Pinoytuner.com, you sirs, are true gents. Thanks for making my whole week.

[My band’s website.] [facebook.]

Our music is featured in Daily Grind Clothing&#8217;s website.  Check out this interview here!Thank you so much, Team Manila Lifestyle and Daily Grind Clothing, for supporting us! :)