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Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil + Hair Heroes Extreme Emu & Acai

I’m always on the lookout for new hair products to try, especially since if you have bleached and dyed hair, shopping for hair products is a WHOLENOTHERSTORY.

I had a great time using the Extreme one last year. It really made a difference, so I’m re-purchasing and trying out the Intense Argan Oil which is very popular.

Bought these online, now I’m broke, lol. (P499 each plus shipping)

Quick review for the Extreme one which I already bought in the past and had good results with:

It absolutely works. Consistency is thick so don’t go crazy. I use it as a leave-in conditioner. I avoid my roots since if they sink into your scalp and you don’t wash it off you will either get dandruff or an itchy head. I get an itchy, itchy, itchyyyyyyy head because my hair is so thick it drives me crazy at night but beggars with bleached hair can’t be choosers.

Smell is fabulous, no complaints. Hair was visibly restored but I also stopped bleaching and using heat products on my hair for 7 months. Great reviews from blogs all over though. When I initially tried the Hair Heroes Extreme conditioner May last year, there weren’t so many variants in the Hair Heroes line, just these two!

I haven’t tried the Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil conditioner yet, so i ordered it. Although I already tried ridiculously expensive pure argan oil from ebay. I’m looking for a cheaper alternative. At P499 it isn’t exactly cheap, but still cheaper than my pure argan oil which came in a 10ml spray bottle (the size of a breath spritzer!) and cost P350. :|

Will do a review when I get both Hair Heroes products in the mail!

My overdue Taobao Haul VLOG for August and September! Sorry it took me forever to upload it, my hair color isn’t even the same anymore! haha. <3

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Haul Diary: Taobao/Stalklife #3

Woot! Time for Taobao/Stalklife haul #3! I know I still haven’t posted the actual review of the items, but I made a video and will upload it soon. In the meantime, here’s a closer look at the stuff I bought. The best part about ordering from Taobao is the fact that I can afford everything I ordered for the price of a few items in the Philippines. To be specific, the price of 1 pair of shoes bought from Aldo. Take that, capitalism!

Here’s an IRL photo of all my orders together on my couch:

To learn about how to order from Taobao/Stalklife, check out my previous haul post.

1. Cut out skull shirt with leather straps [CNY 38.7]

2. Leopard Print Vest Hoodie [CNY 22.8]

3. Giant Skull Pendant [CNY 12.6]

4. Long Galaxy Shirt/Dress [ CNY 61]

5. King Cat/Galaxy Dress [CNY 49]

I got the yellow scarf version, because this one is sooo popular it’s crazy.

6. Nebula Tote [CNY 50]

7. Cosmic Jacket [CNY 82]

8. Murua Word Tattoos [CNY 30]
(because I’m planning to get a another black tattoo soon, most likely words/chains running around my wrist or ankle like bracelets. I figured these were the best way to see how they looked on various parts of my body. Call me sigurista, but dammet, you can’t erase real tattoos so you might as well play it smart before you get one for sure. I’m so OC, haha)

9. And some DIY stuff: Spikes and studs [CNY 37]

10. I feel dumb about posting this, but I got an inflatable dummy head for my hat shop. LOL. [CNY 26]

I actually wanted a fancier one but Stalklife said real PVC heads were impossible with their luggage constraints. So I had to settle for this silver guy. *shrug

11. Neon Triangle earrings [CNY 13]
12. Gold Collar [CNY 6]

13. Gold Spike Collar Connector [CNY 4]

14. Double Circle Ring [CNY 3]

15. Neon Yellow Collar [CNY 6]

16. “YSL” Ring

Okay, that’s it! :) Obviously I had a total galaxy and neon itch that I have now scratched so I can get it out of my system, lol. I have a feeling by the end of this year I’m going to be totally sick of galaxies, but I hope not! Right now I think they’re absolutely gorgeous and want to see them everywhere on everything I own. Also, the more Lisa Frank-ish the galaxy, the better.

ALL TAOBAO posts on my blog are under the tag TAOBAO, including how I order my items and tips on how to shop on taobao. Kindly check out previous posts if you have questions. :)

Ok, Stalk you later! <3

Haul Diary: Taobao/Stalklife #2 + The Nerve Clothing + Design By Humans

Hey guys! My orders for August have just arrived and I’m really stoked about them. I only ordered 1 pair of shoes this time, but the rest are mostly for decorating my denim vest. Hehe. Anyway, as always, I used Stalklife as my agent and I got my items with no problems at all!

Here’s what my September order form looks like:

It’s color coordinated according to seller because I’m weird like that -_-


Left side is quantity, color and item name, then the item price, the item local shipping fee, the url, and on the right are the seller names as well as the computations for your final payment. When using Stalklife you pay:

The item price
+ the local China shipping
+ the Stalklife 50% fee
+ shipping to your house once they get to the Philippines.


for example, you bought an item that costs 100 Yuan (equivalent to P700). Lots of shoes on Taobao are around this price.

The item price: 100 Yuan
+ local China shipping: 10 Yuan (depends on the seller’s shipping to Beijing, where Stalklife is)
+ Stalklife fee: 50% x Y110
+P300 shipping from manila to davao, where I am. This changes based on the package bulk, courier, and your location. If you live in Manila, Stalklife does meetups.

TOTAL: P1455

Obviously, all these charges add up and if you’re not willing to pay shipping, you shouldn’t order from Taobao. hehe. :) But I do because I like stuff that I can’t find in the Philippines, and because I think the rates are still pretty reasonable for stuff that’s really awesome. Can you imagine what I’d save if i actually LIVED in China? Ah well, we can dream. :D

Here are some tips I can give (based on my personal experiences) on how to shop on Taobao/from online hubs:

1. only order “affordable” items from Taobao (i.e. below 300 Yuan each, unless you’re steenking reech. Also, this doesn’t apply to naturally expensive stuff like anime figurines or branded clothing/shoes )

2. make sure they’re items you can’t buy in the Philippines (otherwise, what’s the point)

3. Try to order from mostly the same seller (because seriously, the local china shipping charges will kill you.)

4. Be nice to your Taobao agent. In this case, Stalklife. (They make sure your orders get to you on time, and that the items are not made entirely of crap. So, treat your agent with respect and politeness, and be patient when waiting for your orders. Besides, Stalklife is the most awesome agent ever anyway)

5. Before you go nuts and order everything on the site, make sure that you check with local sellers first if the thing you want to buy isn’t available locally at the same/cheaper price. Examples of this: scarves/handkerchiefs, common jewelry, common shoe styles, common accessories. It’s all about restraint and making sure you use your money wisely. Also, don’t spend beyond your means! <3

The cool thing about Stalklife is that recently they’ve been having a 25 for 25 promo! That means instead of a 50% fee, they charge you just 25%! And that is totally awesome in my book. I’ve already put in my payment for my September  orders. But, here are my orders for August, which just arrived:


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My new Trunk Show creepers in black suede arrived today, from Punk x Pretty. I could NOT be happier with them, and Val, the shop owner, shipped them out so fast they arrived almost immediately. Looks like I&#8217;m going to have a new favorite pair of creepers in my collection!
Welp, I finally went and did it. I got myself a Canon EOS 550D! Before this afternoon, the camera I used for all my photos was a Canon Ixus 130 (which is currently borked) and after that, a Pentax k20D. The K20D has no video, a purpose the IXUS130 filled, until it got borked, leaving me video-less. Well, I&#8217;ve been eyeing the 550D for a loooong while and I finally got the chance to get myself one, this afternoon!The cool thing about it is I can use my current Pentax manual primes SMC-M 50mm f/1.4, SMC-A 50mm f/2, and my Super Takumar 55mm f/1.8 with this babeh. I&#8217;ve already placed an order for my lens adapters (m42 to canon and Kmount to canon), and I cannot wait to explore the world with it!I still have the Pentax K20D, though. :D See!

Daniela’s Fashion Line: Little Online Store, Great Finds

For people who follow my blog, there’s probably a pattern in my personal style that makes itself apparent every time I do an outfit post and that’s the fact that I love loose Korean-ish tops that hang past my thighs so I can wear them with leggings. Batwing/loose tops are still all the rage in Asia and that’s because they hide a lot of problem areas. Some westerners think Asians are weird for dressing in overly loose clothing, and they think it makes them look like kids, but it’s too late to stop this trend, guys. :) Asia is Bag Lady Central and the Philippines is no different. :D

Case in point:

You get the idea. :D

I’ve dubbed myself a Bag Lady because I keep layering loose bits of assymetrical clothing upon myself and I may or may not be slightly crazy.

Enter Daniela’s Fashion Line. Like the title says, small online thrift store, great finds. Took some photos of the baggy clothes I own from this shop:

Wore this to a gig. Mesh upper part kept me moderately cool - our gigs always happen on sweltering nights.

Fabulous cowl-like hoodie thing.


Engrish FTW.

Marilyn on the telly.

Glittery knit <3 Bandmate loved this shirt, complimented me on it. Which is ULTRA-RARE lol.

Current favorite. Lovely texture, hangs to my knees so I have to use a belt.

Smitten with all things fluorescent lately even though they make me look dark.

Dat corset back <3

The Who shirt.

More than 5 people have asked to buy this shirt from me. No way, Jose. haha.

I love all the clothes I have from this shop. Three of them were picked for me by Daniella herself, the shop owner. She’s got awesome taste, I was so surprised to see how she nailed my style so well. Thank you, Daniella! <3

Pay them a visit on facebook if you like loose tops just like I do. :) I’m only recommending shops I genuinely love, and I know that not everyone can stomach my fashion sense, but maybe there’s a bag lady or two out there who can appreciate my love for all tops tent-like, hehe. This post’s for them!

Comfort over image, xx Jad

Haul Diary: Cheap Thrills

I always have fun when I’m just at a random mall and I find cheap stuff that appeal to my personality, like:

(all from SM dept store kid’s dept and Watsons)

a bow-tie from the kid’s department

hair ties that complement my hair color

silver hair spray from a drugstore

heart socks

and other cool things like:

(all from Victoria Plaza dept store & tiangge)

watermelon socks

rainbow animal print leggings

an oversized tribal print top

Wore both here:

and cute shoelaces! P15-20 each, lol

cuteness verified:

I also got something I’ve been waiting for, for ages, in the mail recently!


(from eBay)

HAMSOHAPPY. Also, see those silver strawberry and Hello Kitty patches? P9 at the NCCC textile department. lol. I attached brooch pins to the backs and turned them into badges because I was too lazy to sew them onto my denim vest. Buttons are band buttons from ages ago (Radiohead, Pink Floyd and the Ramones)

edit: I got to wear them out last Saturday when I hosted Muzika del Sur’s 1st episode of the season! :)

Also just a few days ago, this also arrived:

My eyeball earring and ear cuff!

Wore it here:

So perfect. The quality is terrific!

Thrills come cheap in my world, ♥ Jad

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Received these 2 super cute circle lens pairs for me to review on my blog! Excited to try them out and do a review entry soon. Thank you, Japanese Candy Online (! ♥ ♥ ♥

P.S. check out my recent review of their Girly Chip Soy Latte Lenses! &lt;3
My Favorite Clothes Shops in Davao City

Hi. It’s 3AM and I want siopao. But there isn’t any so I’m writing a blog entry!

(Also, I finished the WHOLE thing and saved it in my drafts, and only HALF of it got saved. CURSEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!)

I got this question in my inbox:

a post on the online shops I buy my clothes from please! Around Davao, if possible. Thank you Jad! You are pretty. And youre music is amusing.
So, here it is! Just a disclaimer: I kinda only buy clothes that hang loose on me like tents. Lol. IDK, I live in leggings and I just don’t feel super comfortable sweating at gigs in tight clothes. And even if I’m just at the mall, I’m too lazy to suck my gut in. Heh.

Also, I don’t really buy from any fancy shops, either. I even get some of my clothes from thrift stores, the mall department store and tiangges. I just make sure they fit me the way I want and I’m all set. :D

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Anonymous → may i ask how much the tokyo boppers in primadonna are? and up to what size did they go up to? please? (i'd go to the store myself, but i'm in the US, so, not possible.)

they’re currently on sale for like 999! I think their largest AT the store is 38, in stocks, maybe 39? That’s what I usually know from experience.

flywithballoons → Ate Jad, where did you buy your dms?:)

Hi Hannah! :) My black 1460’s were from the U.K., my friend brought them back with her. My cherry red ones and the two others that aren’t dm’s (Euromoda and Vancl) are from I blogged about how I ordered them here.

Shoe Addiction

It might not seem readily obvious, but I love shoes. (or, okay, it might be obvious lol).

More than that, I love WEIRD shoes. I like clunky, manly boots. I am infatuated with spikes and geta-shaped things and flatforms. I like those ridiculous elevator shoes that people hate so much and dedicate entire blogs to saying how stupid they look. I hate high heels. In fact, I abhor stiletto heels, even though all the expert blogs say that I, Ms. Generically Short and Curvy girl, should wear them to minimize my “flaws”. To that I say, lol. I’m happy being small and funny and strange. :P

Anyway, with my recent Taobao haul I got questions and actually, a request to show my shoe collection. I also got a request to do a post on where I buy my shirts from around Davao City, so my next one will be about that! :)

But for now, here are the shoes I bought from Taobao with the rest of my collection:

I still can’t get over how shiny those red and silver ones are. My black 1460’s look positively dull in comparison, but I still love them the most. Go figure.

Creepers, and flatforms, long may they wave.

If you’re wondering why all my shoes are on the floor, it’s because I only have one pitiful shoe rack. And I filled it with all the shoes I hate/don’t want to wear anymore. You can probably see a couple of heels in there - I’m keeping those for weddings.

I actually don’t feel any great need to organize my stuff since keeping all my shoes on the floor lets me pick and pull out a pair I want to wear a lot faster. The only downside to it is they gather a lot of dust this way.

I guess I better figure out a more efficient way of organizing my shoes sometime soon!

Welp, that’s it for my modest shoe collection. Hope you enjoyed. I definitely don’t have as many shoes as say, dedicated fashion bloggers, but then again I’m not a fashion blogger. :)

I just pick out shoes I like, and I give them love, like a dear friend. If they betray me (like high heels that make my feet want to die after 4 hours of wearing them), they get relegated to The Rack.

Do you have a collection of a specific type of shoe? :) Lemme know all about it. :)

High heels suck, Jad

Haul Diary: Taobao/Stalklife/Artwork + TDKR Verdicts

Lol, my title makes it seem like this is gonna be one HUGE post (which it kind of is), but I’ve been enjoying my new blog {} and haven’t been updating this one. And in between work, gigs, {and obsessing over Darwin Deez and a slew of post-rock groups} a lot of blog entries have been piling up!


First order of bznz: my Taobao haul. Taobao is like Ebay, but for CHINA.

You know, that country where everything in da entire flippin’ universe is made.


Of course, the whole website is in Chinese and search terms like “creepers” don’t apply. Instead, they call them something that translates to ‘muffin sole thick heels" in Mandarin. Yeah, go figure. Anyway, navigating through the site is pretty straightforward just like good old Ebay, and if you use Google Chrome the auto-translate feature can ease the headache a little. However, most of these Chinese sellers (some of which are the direct factory suppliers of many items at rock-bottom prices) only ship locally.

That is, within China. So how’s a girl who isn’t the least bit interested in mainstream fashion supposed to get her fix, huh? What about my eyeball hairclips, false teeth necklaces, skeleton tights, My Little pony bags, and silver doc marten boot fetishes, huh?


Enter Stalklife.


Stalklife is run by Mel Huertas, who is a sweetheart. Stalklife is basically a Taobao agent. They make ordering and shipping to the Philippines possible.

To explain further, they’re a group of enterprising Filipinos who actually reside in Beijing, China, who decided to put up Stalklife as a portal for other people to gain access to Taobao.

Sounds like a different dimension in a sci-fi story, but trust me, it kind of is. Taobao translates to “Treasure”, roughly, and boy, did I ever find some.

I initially wanted to buy just accessories, but The Boy told me to get anything I wanted under a certain price range and it would be his birthday present to me [I celebrated my birthday on July 1!].

He suggested boots, because he knows I love them.
So I bought 3 pairs!


Metallic red Docs, Matte blue Euromoda boots, Silver Vancl boots

I haven’t had a chance to take outfit photos of the matte blue and cherry red boots yet, but I did wear the Silver Vancl ones today, because The Boy and I went to watch The Dark Knight Rises. Mission: actually dress like a space cadet = accomplished.


My favorite part is that they zip up at the sides, making it a breeze to take them on and off. Photos taken in Starbucks after the movie.


I’m very pleased with the service at Stalklife. You pick out the items you want, you submit your order, and they send you back a computation for your items. Once paid they order your items in China, inspect the goods [this isn’t a hollow sales pitch: My red boots originally came 1 size too large. They sent them back and ordered the correct size for me] and then they book a flight to the Philippines.

Anyway, I find this last bit pretty awesome, because they’re your courier and agent at the same time - and they’re very nice people!

I’m already picking out my next orders for their August cut-off. Thank you, Stalklife!  ♥

Here’s one badly lit outfit photo I took before leaving the house:


Tank: Artwork | Boots: Vancl | Vest: DIY | Necklaces: DIY

no-brainer outfit formula : oversize tank top + leggings + creepers/boots. Just grab them and go.

Anyway, I bought some tank tops from Artwork today [which are all cut exactly like that tank I’m wearing in the above photo].

I really like how their tank tops drape. That extra curvy front and back flap lets me wear it with leggings without worrying about showing mah unmentionables.

All my other non-Artwork tank tops require me to wear shorts or a skirt just so my crotch doesn’t insult random passersby.


Anyway, I think the new ones I picked up are really cute.



Lol, I love that he’s holding a fork.


I had a hard time photographing this tank, its print was so neon! Bought it because I need some yellow clothing items to go with my current hair color.


Well, that’s it for the hauls bit.

Here’s The Boy tweeting a non-spoilery rating for The Dark Knight Rises:



We didn’t check with each other so we could tweet exactly the same thing, hokay. We can’t help being a hivemind, annoys the hell out of @heymigs, lol.

I had a pretty fun day. Hair’s faded now, btw. It started being this color:


Now it’s this:


I like it so much more now!

Anyway, that’s it guys. I had a pretty full, fun day.

Always Coffee Jelly at this cafe. I can never finish more than a Tall tho, I don’t understand how people can order Venti’s!


And Butterscotch Fudge Bars. Yeah yeah, I’ll fix my diet later.


Currently reading:

Hope you enjoyed this rather rambly post, it’s been a while since I did a “what my day was like” entry!

Deshi Deshi Bashara Bashara, Jad