Finished this compilation vid last night. Footage from our first Hiphouse Thursday event!

Tonight: sonic death monkeys, ceejay sagarino, skymarines and carlyn’s flower shop band <aka lucas!> playlists composed of bonobo, black keys, chvrches, mew, daft punk, the rifles, interpol, grimes, and many more chill beats. #hiphouse #music #saless #davao #sky #lights  (at Saless Bar)
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I love HIPHOUSE!!! #halloween #starwarts #hiphouse

Feat. Tom Cruise, Hugh Hefner, a Playboy Bunny, Juliet, Zach G from Hang Over and a serial killer #hiphouse #starwarts #halloween (at some place else bar)

This was before the place got super packed. DJ Juliet @cheekiealbay and Merle the host. #hiphouse  (at Someplace Else Resto Bar)
The last photo I took. Instagram prints from #thedavaowesee project by @lieumagazine which are featured in their 5th and most current issue. Happy Kadayawan and thanks to everyone who celebrated with us. #hiphouse @cheekiealbay #albertinos
Psychedelic Party during DJ Jon Game and @johnamor’s set #behance #hiphouse
BLUE ROOM x HIPHOUSE PRESENT Jon Game x John Amor and Jad Montenegro on May 4, 2013. Dubstep + live art stream from Jon Game and John Amor and a long set from Jad Montenegro!  See you this weekend!
So, uh, I hadda fun weekend.
Davao Music Nation, /D/, Hiphouse, Gravefresh and Street Konekt volt in to present a simultaneous gig and graffiti show!  That’s right, folks, one massive event featuring DJs with their sick beats and Graffiti Artists spray-painting the roofdeck, and EIGHT amazing local bands on the 2nd floor! Awesome merch to be given away, so join our contests up until the event day!  Burning Beats is sponsored by Sales Bar Tekanplor, Graffiti by DCK, with free photobooth from PhotoJunky, and merchandise to be given away by Locs gangster shades davao, Nine Nails, DMN, and TigaSOUTH!
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HIPHOUSE x Tekanplor: The Holiday Hangover


Cheekie DJ-ing

co-Hiphouse Lolas

Me, a rooftop and a buncha beer crates

Cliff singing an awesomely off-key version of Crash

Sherad came out of hiding!


Event Diary: Hiphouse x Binisaya present Kordero sa Dios


It wasn’t strictly a gig I went to, since I usually just post about gigs where I actually play at, but this time it was a gig/film screening. Tekanplor is quirkily named because it’s a rock bar on the 2nd floor. It also has a rooftop bar, so while a gig was blasting on downstairs, the roof was holding a screening of Kordero sa Dios, done by Cebuano filmmaker Keith Deligero, who is also one of the leaders of the group BINISAYA.


I had some obligations to attend to, so I missed most of the film. According to my co-Hiphouse partner Cheekie, it was disturbing and beautiful at the same time. From what little I saw of it, I enjoyed the framing and cinematography, something that is always a bonus in my visual criteria for judging films. I’m probably going to catch another screening of it when I have the time.

Cheekie and I were particularly supportive of this event because it was independently curated for the first time by Angely Chi, a member of Hiphouse and many art groups in the scene (including DCK, a graffiti artist community)

Also included in during the screening was my music video for my song ANO, which you can view on the upper left sidebar under my photo. It was done by Bagane Fiola, who is my good friend and also a member/leader of BINISAYA.


Even though I was late, I still got to enjoy Chuck Fournier’s amazing electronica live set. From hearing his set, you’d never guess that he used to be the guitarist of Mutiny!





As for me, I took the chance to kick back and relax after a week of getting bludgeoned by work deadlines.

Not that I don’t love performing with my band, but I like listening to other people make music too. There’s a certain kind of satisfaction you get from going to an event and NOT performing, as opposed to always having to be on edge and not being able to enjoy yourself so much because of the pressure of your upcoming performance.


I totally had a good time and ended up staying out longer than I expected, even though I was running on two hours of sleep, lol. Sometimes you just need a drink or two!

xx, Jad

Taken last Friday at Kwatro Bente Dos With my superfab partner-in-crime @cheekiealbay. I just finished my set!
Come on over if you&#8217;re in Davao!
Photo Diary: Binisaya Shorts via Hiphouse

My friend Cheekie and I run an artist collective that attempts to show art/culture related events every few months or so. We call it Hiphouse. Last week we held Binisaya Shorts, which was a pretty fun and successful event. A lot of new faces showed up, which is always awesome.

I didn’t want to be hunting for light the whole night, so I just used my kit lens and a flash diffuser for the pop-up flash. I got a lot of people making faces, hilarious.

Our friend Bagsy curated the event. 2 of his films are in the list!

It was tons of fun. And I got to see some friends of mine who flew in for Kadayawan: my Pisay classmates!  <3

Don’t worry, guys (Kerwin, Mends, Nor, Cheekie). We’re forever young. hehe.

p.s. when the crowd thinned out and it was just us, we watched the first 15 minutes of V/H/S. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loud, lol. Watching horror movies with my friends is a blast!

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