My little photowall is starting to grow. Makes for a great view when I’m at work.
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Photo Diary: Binisaya Shorts via Hiphouse

My friend Cheekie and I run an artist collective that attempts to show art/culture related events every few months or so. We call it Hiphouse. Last week we held Binisaya Shorts, which was a pretty fun and successful event. A lot of new faces showed up, which is always awesome.

I didn’t want to be hunting for light the whole night, so I just used my kit lens and a flash diffuser for the pop-up flash. I got a lot of people making faces, hilarious.

Our friend Bagsy curated the event. 2 of his films are in the list!

It was tons of fun. And I got to see some friends of mine who flew in for Kadayawan: my Pisay classmates!  <3

Don’t worry, guys (Kerwin, Mends, Nor, Cheekie). We’re forever young. hehe.

p.s. when the crowd thinned out and it was just us, we watched the first 15 minutes of V/H/S. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loud, lol. Watching horror movies with my friends is a blast!

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Photo Diary: Nostalgia

Mandy and I spent a day together being girls.  My husband and her boyfriend were both busy for the day, so we were left to our own devices.

We went to the Blogger’s Sale, stayed for an hour, bought some stuff, and fled to a nearby mall to have merienda because the heat was so oppressive.

We had an impromptu idea for a photo shoot because Mandy mentioned that even though she’s been modeling for a while, she never really feels comfortable posing in front of strangers, with a bucket of makeup troweled on.

So I asked her, “Why not have one with me, just being yourself?”

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Outfit Post: Writer’s Block, Guitar Woes

I wanted a change from my usual garage photos, so:

Doc Marten boots, vintage print skirt, top from Next, Hawaiian Hill glasses,and I bought that necklace from one of those stalls on the street that sell clay necklaces on leather cords, from a man with colorful dreadlocks.

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Outfit Post : HipHouse | Sunday Graphic Sunday

Just a quick post about the outfit I wore. I felt weird including details about my outfit on the Hiphouse entry, lol!

Doc Martens, Butthole Surfers/STP Graphic Tee, thrifted plaid skirt, yellow slouchie, DIY ribcage necklace

I was going for a 90’s vibe. <3

When The Boy and I got to the empty loft we usually use for HipHouse events, it was closed because Bagsy had the key and he was still on his way.

So we took refuge in Benito’s Cafe in Legaspi Suites while waiting for him, which has the best fucking chocolate smoothie in the entire universe. And sandwiches. Seriously, order their Bittersweet Chocolate Smoothie. Made of dark chocolate. It. is. DIVINE.

You need it in your life. (not in your healthy diet, but in your LIFE, ok)

Also I like it there because there’s a tab to surf in for orders above PhP300.

The Boy did not expect his sandwich to take up an entire plate. I had to help him finish it. It was easy to for me to help him. Cos I have a kind, giving, sweet, soul.

There are also books donated by members of a Book Club that frequents this Cafe. In the books you see little notes like “Please take care of this book. I really loved it when it belonged to me. Hope you enjoy it!”.

It made reading the copy of Como Agua Para Tsokolate that much more enjoyable when I took it off the Benito Cafe shelf.

Also, their decor is my sort of awesome.

"Don’t English Me, I’m PANIC!"

So that’s it for my short outfit post and why I love that little-known coffee shop in Legaspi Suites. The Boy and I used to have breakfast there (when we’re not in Selera) when he was still staying in this hotel to visit me when he flew in from Cebu. The staff already know us but they’re genuinely nice people so you’ll never feel awkward or out of place. Just comfortable, surrounded by books, wi-fi, and delicious food.

Chocolates Make You Smarter (true story),

Team Manila Opening: Davao Branch | SM Annex, Ecoland

Team Manila opens their first store outside Luzon in Davao City. Inside the store are one of a kind, witty merchandise infused with that tongue-in-cheek humor and pinoy flavor that Team Manila has become famous for. Check out their display of amazing film cameras, lomo cameras, and other photography accessories as well!


Co-owners Jowee Alviar and Mon Punzalan along with the Team Manila Crew were there to usher in their creative work into Davao consciousness. Despite their success, these creative powerhouses are down-to-earth, funny, full of energy, and supportive of the art movement. They even participated in the last Hiphouse event, which definitely inspired a lot of young artists looking to do art professionally. You can definitely see why their joint endeavor has over 63,000 subscribers on Facebook alone, and growing!


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I have no idea how my husband took this shot lol. But I&#8217;m loving my new cross xl shirt from The Factory! &lt;3
Havaianas: It’s Summer Every Day

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Kathy asking me to be part of the Havaianas Project. The idea was I would be shot for M magazine (an established publication here in the south) - and they wanted me to be in it because well, I was me!

They sent a complimentary pair of flipflops to my house for styling:


I was kind of surprised. I thought, “Me? With my turquoise hair? And my tattoos and my clothes?” But they did want me exactly as I was, plus my guitar, lol. I was being shot as a musician, which is all sorts of awesome in my book. Remember when I was all, “YAY INDIVIDUALITY?” well, it proved itself that day.

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Night Shots

I haven’t been able to practice my photography AT ALL. These were the only two shots I took all this month. How shameful.

A shot of my husband (well, his glasses anyway) against a car window

Mandy, whose hair is of course no longer this color!

Family Day

I spent yesterday with my family and I’m always glad to be able to spend time with them because we’re all working and live far apart. I was especially excited to see my little niece Ysabelle, because I don’t get to see her often.

As usual, our family seemed to have some weird sense of color ESP and everyone showed up in shades of yellow and orange. With the exception of my dad and husband, who both wore red. So weird. The last time it happened, we all showed up in black. -_-

I’m loving my little brother’s fashion sense lately, because he’s been showing a love for neon and two-toned outfits:

I wore orange to go with my hair, but my roots are growing in really fast, can you see where it’s purple and on top of my head it’s all black? Lol. I like it though!

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I thought I&#8217;d try something creepy for my creepers.(ha. ha. ha.)Creepers x Moderno SenseSkeleton tights x eBayBlack shift dress x HKCat Festival Mask x Filbars
Pryce Towers Food Fair x Fun Flips

I really enjoyed going to Mercato at The Fort (since The Boy’s sister lives in Taguig) when we were last in the area, so when my friend Cheekie invited me, The Boy, and Migs to the Food Fair at Pryce Towers, I thought it would be a good idea to check it out. Also, our friend Jamie and her husband Brian had just put up a new business called FunFlips, and we wanted to support it, of course. Check out their page for a really cute video explaining what it’s all about!:)

I’m glad we went, because we had a ton of fun. I don’t have any photos of me getting FunFlipped, but I did manage to take some photos of these hyper young people who seemed to really enjoy the experience. Also, The Boy seemed exceedingly pleased that there was authentic Cebu Ngohiong offered by a stall from Ngohiong House. Teehee.

More pics after the jump.

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Decided to try experimenting with a DIY Bokeh Cutout today because I was bored and wanted a break from work. I went with a heart surrounded by small crosses and poked some random holes and diamonds around them for good measure. I mean, who says it only has to be one shape, right?Here&#8217;s a shot before I put the cutout on my lens:Before I put it on I held it out at arms length in front of the camera and tried shooting through the small holes. I got quite a kick out of the kaleidoscope it produced:Would have been fun to shoot a human subject, but I doubt The Boy would have loved the idea of being surrounded by ghey little hearts in a photo lol. So this flower and bowl had to do.Another cute effect is focusing it enough so the hearts become smaller and smaller. In a completely dark room, the result was quite d&#8217;awwwww.I have to make more effort to shoot daylight pictures after this, I really should! I hope I can keep that promise within next week.

Photos I shot last Sunday. The fence and Ipil-Ipil tree were just outside my church, shot during that magical time at dusk where everything seems post-processed in real life.

The first photo was shot on a cab ride home. The Filipino Driver’s habit of putting a rosary on his rearview mirror is a long-lasting one, and speaks volumes about our culture. I’ve always been fascinated by it.

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Close Encounters of the Pink KindWhen  I looked outside my window, tiny black bees were pollinating the cactus  plant that had bloomed in the planters. Shot using the Super  Takumar 55mm f/1.8 manual lens.

Click to main pic once to enlarge, smaller pics twice.