Still putting cds together. My back hurts. I wanna cupcake. And a bacon sandwich. And a massage. #diy #ep #music #cd #paper #tired
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I’ve been waiting in line forever. So smart of me to buy office supplies a week after classes start #shoes #paper #school #waiting #creepers
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Make Mother’s Day Special With Print Miss

I recently got a beautiful package in the post:

PRINTMISS is your friendly little paper goods store. They make personalized stationery, note cards, invitations, gift tags, labels and more.

They are also proudly Philippine-based. But as you can see, these cards look like something straight out of Etsy.

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Beautiful DIY Paper Goods From Printmiss (teaser)

If it’s anything I’m a sucker for, it’s DIY, and paper. I love paper so much I DIYed all my wedding invitations, giveaways, and programmes.

So it’s kind of inevitable that I love Printmiss.

I just ordered these beautiful modern vintage notecards from them. They haven’t arrived in the mail yet but I’ll definitely take pictures! What could be sweeter than seeing your own name on these precious cards? So pretty ♥

Their main site with all their designs is on wordpress:

But they’re just as easily contacted for orders on facebook:

Amazing classic, vintage, elegant designs. Shades of Martha Stewart’s beautiful crafts but 100% Filipina-made by Ina Amor-Mejia.

She’s such a stickler for detail that even her packaging is exquisite, something I admire and value in any shop owner or crafter.

There are absolutely gorgeous modern designs too. How genius is it to put your name inside these trendy animal-print ballerinas? Ughhh I want all the designs, plz.

These are just notecards, but
Printmiss  makes wedding invitations, gift tags, and a score of other paper goods. The only limit is your imagination. I love the fact that there’s a Filipina-owned shop that allows you to DIY your wedding, birthday, debut or event invites. I wish this had existed when I was planning my wedding. :(

Check out these Save The Dates:

Don’t be boxed in by boring designs by boring print shops. Check out
Printmiss and unleash your creativity!

Watch out for my *official* (tan tan taaaaaan) blog post about this beautiful little shop soon. There will be a discount code given to people who find the shop through my blog and order! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Calling all DIY Divas! My awesome sister-in-law Ina just launched the first ever site of its kind, a downloadable prints gallery for people who want to make their own invitations! Visit it now, the designs are incredible! »
Someone gave my boyfriend, because he is a professional comic book artist, BOND PAPER FOR CHRISTMAS. expensive, hard to find bond paper, but it’s still paper.
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