Perry’s Birthday

My good friend Perry turned a year older earlier this week, and he had a small, intimate party at his house, which is anything but small, lol. We had a grand time exploring their ancestral manse which had 3 floors, a gigantic staircase, and a real chandelier from the 20’s that still held candlesticks instead of electric lights.

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Outfit Post: Writer’s Block, Guitar Woes

I wanted a change from my usual garage photos, so:

Doc Marten boots, vintage print skirt, top from Next, Hawaiian Hill glasses,and I bought that necklace from one of those stalls on the street that sell clay necklaces on leather cords, from a man with colorful dreadlocks.

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Night Shots

I haven’t been able to practice my photography AT ALL. These were the only two shots I took all this month. How shameful.

A shot of my husband (well, his glasses anyway) against a car window

Mandy, whose hair is of course no longer this color!

Although we already celebrated his birthday last weekend, my brother officially turned 18 today. His girlfriend surprised him with cupcakes.They were delicious.
Decided to try experimenting with a DIY Bokeh Cutout today because I was bored and wanted a break from work. I went with a heart surrounded by small crosses and poked some random holes and diamonds around them for good measure. I mean, who says it only has to be one shape, right?Here’s a shot before I put the cutout on my lens:Before I put it on I held it out at arms length in front of the camera and tried shooting through the small holes. I got quite a kick out of the kaleidoscope it produced:Would have been fun to shoot a human subject, but I doubt The Boy would have loved the idea of being surrounded by ghey little hearts in a photo lol. So this flower and bowl had to do.Another cute effect is focusing it enough so the hearts become smaller and smaller. In a completely dark room, the result was quite d’awwwww.I have to make more effort to shoot daylight pictures after this, I really should! I hope I can keep that promise within next week.

Photos I shot last Sunday. The fence and Ipil-Ipil tree were just outside my church, shot during that magical time at dusk where everything seems post-processed in real life.

The first photo was shot on a cab ride home. The Filipino Driver’s habit of putting a rosary on his rearview mirror is a long-lasting one, and speaks volumes about our culture. I’ve always been fascinated by it.

4 notespumupotograpypentaxk20super takumar55mmbokehcrosstreefencenightduskk20Dphotography
Close Encounters of the Pink KindWhen  I looked outside my window, tiny black bees were pollinating the cactus  plant that had bloomed in the planters. Shot using the Super  Takumar 55mm f/1.8 manual lens.

Click to main pic once to enlarge, smaller pics twice.
The SludgerTook a photo of this contraption as it was passing by the music studio.
ReflectionMy hair’s still wet. My Super Takumar 55mm f/1.8 got sent through the post today, and I should get it tomorrow. It came with an M42 to K adaptor, so I’m pretty excited about the deal I got for it.Edit:The Boy calls the area where my dresser is the “Primp Office”.
Another photo from when The Boy and I went out after a hard night’s rain to take long exposure shots near our village entrance. We live right by a big highway and it’s really wide, so it’s really easy to just set up shop and shoot away without anyone bothering you.
Day 5 of learning |Night Exposure
The torrential rain the past few days has been causing havoc downtown. Streets are flooded, internet is slow, and night exposure shots are inevitable.It was raining when The Boy and I went out to take shots - so the streets had a nice sheen.
I’ve had this Pentax K20 for a couple of weeks now and this is the first time I used it to take a self-portrait. I dunno, I’m finding it hard to wield a big camera and it feels unnatural to point it at myself. Like I’m intruding on my own privacy. Something like that. Anyway, I took some today, just to see if I could get something halfway decent. All my pics are at that 3/4 profile angle because I’m fat and I don’t like my arms but I can’t stop eating bacon, k.
I’m being all ghetto for the moment and using the timer because the remote I ordered on ebay hasn’t arrived yet.
OvercastI think this photo is terrible, but it’s the only one I shot today.
WaitingDay 3 of using a DSLR. Of course, these days aren’t consecutive - I just manage to squeeze in a shot or two when I’m not busy with work, and sometimes when I go out (such as last Friday’s Stormproof gig), I’m loaded down with guitar gear and can’t be bothered to include a big heavy camera as well.I got one of my little brother waiting outside our church. For what, only he knows.