With the exception of the leather wrap watch, today’s arm party was courtesy of @amandamandalove hehe. Ask her to customize chain bracelets for ya! #armparty #bracelets #rings #jewelry #outfits
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Some people may think of Davao as a place where fashion is unknown. But no, fashion is like a disease here in Davao and everyone’s infected. Fashion has reached epidemic proportions here in Davao, and seeing everyone in their fashionable mixing and matching techniques brightens up the future of a…

2 pairs of my shoes are amongst the photos in this blogpost from Aidx. Can you guess which ones? :)

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This photo makes me want to obsess even more about cocktail rings. -_-
I have about 10 now, I figure with 10 more, I’ll have a decent collection.
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Mmm, cocktail rings. I’m obsessed with them. I like seeing my collection of chunky silver and bronze ones grow. It’s like I can’t go out without wearing one or two on my fingers. <3
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