Lemon Lemming

Haven’t done these outfit posts in FOREVAR

galaxy bag | taobao
floral print boots | SM department store
maroon velvet skater skirt | ebay HK
shirt | Only Time by Muttley from Design by Humans

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Creepy Lady
Hair is now purple with green streaks. Henceforth I shall be known as Eggplant Head
http://www.jadmontenegro.com/ is back online, BABY!!! Many thanks to Sean Kay and my husband John who spent FOUR HOURS literally hacking the server, lol. I have amazing (and scary) friends. Visit now and leave a shoutout in the comments box cos it’s full of spammiru!
Well now. Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes. (Literally, because I haven’t slept since yesterday!) For people who want to purchase Jad Montenegro Music's 1st EP Fixed Points and Pendulums, we will be selling these only during our bar tour gigs this March. Like our facebook page for updates and gig schedules!
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productive night is productive. Back cover art by The Boy.
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It’s almost here. Art by Dave Ibao, typography by me.
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So, uh, I hadda fun weekend.
In such moments we are infinite.
Sweaty dugyot fangirls with @cheekialbay but YAY! Also, wow I look like I drank a whole bottle of vinegar lolPosting photos of Excursion 2 later!

Last week in instagram photos.

So today I decided I needed blunt bangs in my life! It is really hard to cut your own fringe because half the time they’re covering your eyes.Knowing me and my predilection for clumsiness, it’s a miracle I didn’t put my own eye out.OH WELL YAY
Strawberry nails that I did and kept for 2 minutes. I then removed them because the nubbly little beads were freaking me out. I don’t know how other people stand them. It’s like seeing tiny little eggs on your nails YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
My Hair Timeline: Working My Way Around the Color Wheel


As I look at my timeline, I realize that I’ve always colored my hair by working around the color wheel, to minimize damage and my need for bleaching. I hope this helps people take advantage of fading colors to make their next color choice. I believe there is a sensible way to dye your hair without completely frying it. I’m not without my mishaps (one time I double processed my bangs and they fell off), but for the most part I’ve tried to be patient and not overbleach. I also wait for my colors to fade and then put on a color close to my old one - that way I move around the color wheel.


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Buying MILK TEA which ended up not having any milk in it. See how dark the liquid in my hand is?! The lady wasn’t listening to my order at all. Plus when I asked them to poke a hole in it and put milk in, they said they couldn’t do it cos their lids were on inventory. WTF?! Last ka na lang, 360 degrees!