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Nail Diary: 2 New Teal Designs & 1 Tutorial!


Easiest nails ever. For once, the nails on my right hand don’t look like crud compared to my left one. The secret is: nail guide stickers!


1. Bottom color: I wanted teal, so I used La Girls Disco Brites in Turntable. You can use any bottom color you want, though.

2. Gold Tip color: You’ll need a really pigmented, one-coater gold for this one. Sheer gold polishes won’t work. I used Caress Frosted in Pure Gold.

3. Nail Guide Stickers from Onestop Kikayshop, who is my go-to seller for my nail foils and other cute thangs

4. Top Coat: Revlon Color Stay Always On Sealant

5. Tiny brush for fixing mistakes. I dip it in polish remover and work it around my cuticle after my manicure’s done to remove excess polish.

How To:

1. Paint your nails with the bottom color.

Wait until your bottom color is 200% dry before doing this next step or else you’ll wanna cry if it gets messed up, lol.

2. Remove stickers from pack, and then stick to your thigh to remove some of the “stickiness”. The less sticky it is, the less likely it will pull up your bottom color with it when you peel it off.

3. Apply nail guide stickers to completely dry bottom color.

(sorry about the photos. It would get cloudy/sunny randomly so I had to keep moving to different parts of the house… heh)

4. Apply Gold color on the tip of the nail not covered by the sticker. Wait a few minutes, then apply another coat. Wait 2 more minutes and remove sticker. (you can apply stickers to all 5 nails and then apply the color, or do it a nail at a time.)

My favorite part about these stickers is that I don’t need a particularly steady hand or any amazing artistic skills to make my mani look consistent or symmetrical, which for me is the hardest part about doing your own manicures.

5. Dip the tiny nail brush in polish remover and clean up around the sides, crevices, and cuticles.

6. Apply your favorite topcoat and you’re done.

Enjoy your snazzy new mani! <3


Here’s the other teal look I had for the week: Teal, turquoise and yellow dots!

It’s pretty easy, just paint all your nails except one your main color, and paint the remaining nail with a complementary color. Then use a dotting tool to make dots!

{p.s. Figured out a new setup for photographing nails at night. Seems to work well, I’m just using my kit lens for this!}

Right hand:


I’m pretty smitten with this design, it’s so simple but it really catches your eye. <3

p.s. I’ve actually been trying not to bite my fingernails so much, and because I’ve been sick I haven’t been able to play gigs. It’s amazing what a few weeks of not playing guitar makes, LOL. I actually have passable cuticles now. I’ve also been massaging them with olive oil - it seems to really help moisturize them.

P.P.S I was cleaning out my camera memory cards and found this old photo (withless fab cuticles lol) of a yellow, orange and blue design tip design:

Happy manis,


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Give Chipped Nails a Makeover!

Summer’s here! I had teal/sea-green nails from a photoshoot, but I wanted to spruce them up. So I did a simple tape manicure.

1. Paint nails any bright teal/turquoise color. I used Sea Green from San San. I also have a thin layer of Chunky Holo Bluebell by Kleancolor on top of the Sea Green, so there are little holographic flakes.

2. Wait for your nails to be 200% dry. In fact, tape manis work better if you do the taping part the next day! It’s because half-dry polish will come up with the tape when you rip it off. To make sure tape isn’t super sticky, stick it on and off your arm before taping it to your nail.

3. Tape over the part you don’t want any polish on. Check out Nailside, the queen of all tape manis, for instructions! I used the regular white masking tape because it isn’t too sticky, but it’s also opaque so i just winged the placement. :P

4. Paint over with 2nd layer color. I chose Goldhearted from Caronia.

5. Carefully remove tape right after painting. Don’t wait for nail polish to dry.

6. Top coat and you’re done! <3